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How to Successfully Lose Weight Loss Carb Cycling

Updated on August 8, 2015

You are probably wondering what Carb Cycling is. For starters, Carb is short for the food group Carbohydrates. Soto define the process, Carb cycling is the rotating of carbs in high and low quantities in the duration of a week. It is an effective method of weight loss whereby you divide days in three ways, mainly:

- High Carb days

- Low Carb Days

- No carbs days

1) High Carb Days

These are the days you indulge yourself with carbs. If you love carbs, this is the day you eat as many of them as you want. However, it does not mean that you eliminate protein or fats. Make sure you have at least a serving of protein and two types of fats.

Another precaution to take is to ensure that the carbs you eat are not overly processed. Eat Carbs that come from a credible healthy source.

2) Low Carb Days

On these days, Carbs should be consumed at a minimum, preferably below 75 grams. Include some starchy foods like oats and brown rice, with some fruits and vegetables. Again, avoid processed foods.

3) No Carb Days

You should have no carbs at all on these days. Avoid all the foods you know as carbs such as cereals, potatoes, oats and the like.

However, make sure that you eat plenty of leafy greens and high fiber veggies such as broccoli, onions and mushrooms. Don't forget to include foods that supply starch. Good examples are beans and pumpkin. These days are recommended to follow after you have been on the high carb days, so that there can be a balance in your hormonal body.

Who Can Implement Carb Cycling In Their Diet?

It is recommended that you do it if you are serious about losing extra pounds, but it is not recommended to an individual that is extremely overweight. It is a strict regiment that should be carefully observed, so if you want to shed those couple of pounds, then you can give it a go. The process helps reduce cravings and helps you eat small quantities of food.

There has to be an alternation of days. Which is how this works. From high to no carbs, from no carbs to low carbs, the carb cycling effect eventually occurs in your body. Be careful however, that you keep track of what you are eating each day, because every day should be different. You should cycle all three ways of eating the carbs, without one way being repeated on a consecutive day.

The Necessity of Carbohydrates in the Body

Carbohydrates, just like protein or starch is very important for body building. It is advised however, that one seeks out the carbohydrates that are healthy, not the ones that are toxic to our bodies, in terms of being processed.


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