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How to Surround Yourself With Positive Energy

Updated on July 22, 2017

Life is a party! But is it the same for one and all? No, not at all. It’s just for ones who know how to rock it by dancing out to the tune of “LIFE”. Yes, such positive people exist. In fact, you can be one of them. Don’t you believe me? Just spend your time with some people who know how to live each and every moment of life and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Even though most persons understand the need for hopefulness and positive attitude, the massive mainstream finds it hard to nurture the habit of staying positive. The chief cause for this is the very nature of our eventful regime with its persistent vacillations between highs and lows.

It is really amazing how surrounding us with deleterious persons can bring us down. By the same token being around optimistic people and happy thoughts about life can be inspiring and enriching. Surround yourself with positive people, and you will discover that you’ll have a better-off and more prosperous life ahead. Think of that timeworn maxim, “I’m my own worst enemy.” Isn’t that absolutely right? You see, it’s us who allow the negativity to pass through us and hurt ourselves, sooner or later. It’s time to set ourselves back, or we will utterly collapse our self-worth and self-respect.

But, is it as simple as that? No, at least not till the complications and hurdles are a part of our life. So, what is the solution? We are regularly told that we must make the effort to stay positive and possess a strong attitude, but what are the remarkable ways to do this? Below, I’m sharing some primary ways that will help you in your quest to surround yourself with positive energy so you can relish the paramount pleasures of life.

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Surround yourself with positive people

This is a remarkable technique as each time you get along with optimistic individuals, their positive energy will impact and flow into you. They’ll raise your spirits, support you and offer productive ideas to you. Always surround yourself with positive people who uphold and support you in order to fight your loneliness. Be amenable to such people and treat them well. Appreciating them will enhance your relationship by bonding your spirits with positive energy. In the long run, this would create a pleasant atmosphere that prospers with lots of positive feelings and actions.

Focus on your dreams and goals

No matter how hard or negative your life is, don’t forget to concentrate on your dreams, ambitions and goals. Your dreams and ambitions are the fuel that drives you to greater prospects and makes you feel confident. You may produce tremendous outcomes if you resolve to never give up on your goals. You must know what you desire to accomplish and keep moving forward even if somebody tells you that you can’t. Train your mind to be cheerful, cool, serene, confident, hopeful, ecstatic, blissful, optimistic and affirmative to bring an atmosphere of harmony and calmness within you.

Get close with nature

Yes! Taking a simple stroll in the lawn can help you in creating positive energy and make you feel optimistic when you are depressed. If you love the ocean, take a stroll by the seashore and feel the marine breeze. You will feel revitalized and raring to go while clearing your mind. Thus, if you are feeling depressed or miserable, get close to nature.

For instance, take a moment and imagine yourself near a serene lake. It’s striking, serene and desolate while the only sound you hear is the soft pulsing buzzing of bees briskly working, birdies humming and whizzing around spiritedly. You take off your heels and sit on a protuberant rock while sinking your toes into the pure water of the lake. You watch as the waves rising from your toes rush across the lake, the only movement you can feel for miles while the time stays stagnant.

Strive to improve yourself

Have you ever read any of the positive energy books on self-improvement? No? Well, then you must start reading — right away. Just grab a best seller self-improvement book and read it well. If you desire to stay optimistic in your life or business, you must relentlessly do something constructive all the time. Commit to devote at least few minutes every day to read and mend you. If you go through this norm, picture what you can achieve after 2 years.

Define your beliefs and feelings

If you want to create positive energy, initiate by defining your principles, opinions, views and beliefs as they form the base of your thought processes. This will in turn assist you in straining all the damaging, needless thoughts. Build on the optimistic views and upturn your self-confidence. This will help you get rid of the fear of a letdown. Chase all undesirable thoughts away and convert them into affirmative beliefs. After all, perturbing and pondering about deleterious thoughts is nothing but an utter waste of energy and passions.

Limit your communication with negative people

Evidently you cannot stop intermingling with such people in your life who don’t offer constructive inspirations and enthusiasm. But, you can undeniably limit your collaborations with them. You must take essential strides to avoid co-opting their messages if you make out that they will bring you down. Don’t ask them for guidance or directions. Stop interacting with them about your life issues more than necessary. Without question, you can still hang out with those you love who are not as much of optimistic. However, you need to be alert of how their words can impact your positive attitude so that you can take footsteps to head that off before it begins.

Have faith in yourself

Accept what you are and stop leading a life that’s full of falsehoods and lies. Stop trying to be a people pleaser just to live up to the expectations and hopes of your families, associates or colleagues. Self-acceptance is a bold footstep in the direction of surrounding yourself with affirmative vigor. Dredge up that your contentment or happiness is a product of your own creation and effort and no one else must be accused of it.

Start each day with an energy boost

Yes, wake up with positive thoughts and start each day with an energy boost. And trust me, this is far easier than you can ever imagine of. All you have to do is just set the alarm half an hour earlier than normal and devote the first 30 minutes of your priceless day doing a bit that you adore. This may be workout, meditation, sitting in silence or just enjoying the nature at its best gazing at the morning birds with a cup of soothing tea… whatsoever is your thing. Nevertheless, the point is that those treasurable moments must be just be for you because you’re worth it.

Keep moving forward

Every now and then, you may come across a situation when you feel wedged or exasperated and just want to do nothing. All the same, there may be times when you may want to stop your thoughts and just take action. The more you deliberate your fears, the more suspicions you will have and you touch the negative state of your mind. The more you consider your point of views, the more are you expected to dwell in the pessimism and that’s not going to help you at all. Henceforth, just take an immediate action and move forward. At the end of the day, you will develop the impetus and embrace the “confident you” by way of some positive energy words.

Play the music loud and dance out to the tune of “LIFE”

When you are done with all the things in your list, it’s time to schedule at least one fun activity in your agenda. Listen to music, dance your heart out, paint your imaginations, appreciate the beauty of nature, watch a hilarious film, have a candlelit bath, sweat your negative energies or delight your soul in a comforting massage. I know you’ll say that you’re way too busy! But come on! What if today is going to be your last day? Who is more important to you in your life? YOU, of course! Then why not just give it a go? And, trust me! You’ll manage it by maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Life and fun has a way that works to revive and generate positive vibes in individuals on the edge of a downfall.

Life is too small to stress your nerves about the past. Envision having an uncomfortable ride on a bike. The more smashes there are, the less pleasant is the ride and the earlier you would desire to get off the bike. Perhaps the ride is bouncy and uncomfortable not due to the way but due to the bike. So, what you’ll do to get out of the situation? Yes, you’ll fit it with shock absorbers and carry on the journey on the same road. Same goes with life, change the energy within and around you and see how gratifying life would be.

Summon up that there exists no such thing as ‘downfall’, as long as you pick up the positive energy balance from each letdown. Problems are inevitable, but what is important is how hard you toil to overcome your fears and failures. Instead, discover potential ways to cordially solve problems and work towards a positive attitude while preparing for the future.


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