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How to Take Care of Your Mental Health as a Freelancer

Updated on May 4, 2019
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Prachi has been working as a freelance writer since 2012. When not writing, she helps people with web designing and development.

Certainly, freelancers have the sense of freedom and flexibility in work schedule, but it comes with a price. According to a research study, most of the freelancers face mental health issues due to the increased responsibility of managing a business and the situation of isolation to do it all by themselves. To make sure, your health doesn’t get affected by these serious issues, here are some really effective helpful tips:

1. Become a Part of Co-working Space

Co-working Space
Co-working Space

Working from home comes with lots of perks. At the same time, the sense of isolation and loneliness also increases. Within recent years, some businesses are working exclusively to build co-working spaces. These are the places where freelancers can interact with each other and live on rental leases. These spaces provide all the essential amenities, you can think of.

Co-working spaces are very much appealing to freelancers as they have the chance to meet like-minded people and stay motivated for their work. These also lead to better work-life balance and give you a chance for social interaction and build your own community.

Some examples of co-working spaces are WeWork and JustCo actively working in the United States and Singapore respectively. They also organize social events and drive interaction among freelancers.

2. Clearly State your Payment Channel

International Payment Options
International Payment Options | Source

Freelancers often face situations where they have to run after their clients to get paid for their work. It happens because few clients decide to pay late and may change their payment method. As a result, managing payment and bookkeeping is a huge struggle for freelancers and can have adverse effects on their well-being.

Make sure to settle on a particular payment option before beginning with the project. International clients have varied preferred payment options that you might not be familiar with. Decide beforehand and choose the one that provides you end-to-end security in money transfer.

3. Invest in Self-Care


For many freelancers, the sense of enjoying freedom is actually a myth because they have to face lots of stressful moments on a daily basis. This may be due to the anxiety of managing the business and stress of simultaneously switching from household work to professional work. In this way, most of the freelancers neglect their health. However, since you are the sole owner and the only driving force for your business, it is extremely essential for you to maintain healthy well-being and positive work-life balance. It all starts with self-care.

Self-care is not a part of luxury, but an extreme necessity to help you stay focus on your business and build a better foundation.

  • Indulge yourself in physical activities; go for jogging, join a gym or get a nourishing massage.
  • Go for vacation.
  • Spend quality time with friends and family.
  • Spend some free time from your busy schedule outdoors and breathe-in fresh air.

4. Look for Professional Help


Joining a co-working community, streamlining your payment channel or investing meticulously in self-care can be called as the best methods to help you handle your stress and maintain positive well-being. However, if you still feel overwhelmed and struggling to get everything right, then it is better to ask for professional help as soon as possible.

People working as a counselor, mental health coach or professional therapist can help you follow a self-care plan, which will target your core problems and help you deal with them on a daily basis. Many freelancers prefer to go for virtual counseling as well.

The issue of mental health is rising at a faster pace than ever before, it is the most essential part of your life. Make sure to deal with it and if needed, ask for help. Don’t be embarrassed.

To be successful, you need to make yourself better, first. So, do it.

Overall, your mental health should be the topmost priority on your list. Remember, a healthy business needs a healthy boss to take it to higher levels.


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