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How to Treat a Cough in Toddlers?

Updated on March 30, 2016

Cough is a Symptom of Some Infections

Cough is a symptom of some infections that affect on the body such as colds, and often affect children of young ages due to their immune system is weak. Through cough, the body expels the phlegm and gatherings of mucus from breathing ducts that result from infections.

Coughing is classified according to the duration of infection by if it lasted for less than 3 weeks is classified as severe, if the cough continues for more than 8 weeks is classified as chronic cough. And for healthy child is possible to be normal cough in children if not exceed ten times a day and make sure that the child free of any disease.

Causes of Cough

  • Cold.
  • Asthma.
  • Inflammation of the sinuses.
  • Pertussis.
  • Inflammation of the bronchial.
  • Sensitivity of smoke and dust.
  • Smoking or cigarette smoke.
  • Tonsillitis.

Cough inToddlers

Complications of cough

  • Feeling faint.
  • Insomnia.
  • Vomiting.
  • Redness of the eye.
  • And and involuntary urination resulting from pressure inside the body.

Choose an Appropriate Treatment for Toddler

Ways of Treating Cough in Toddlers

  • At first you must know the type of inflammation, if caused by a virus, there is no cure because the virus ends effect after the completion of their life cycle, but the child is given treatments that alleviate illnesses he has, but if the cause is bacterial type it gives treatments to eliminate bacteria such as antibiotics.
  • Give the child appropriate antipyretic for his age which contains Paracetamol to reduce heat has, and high temperatures have significant side effects on the child.
  • If the child is under the age of six months should increase the number of feeding times, whether natural or artificial to maintain the body's moisture and protect it from drought.
  • Stay away from places of smokers and places of dusts and fumes because they cause irritation of the membranes of the respiratory tract, thereby increasing cough.
  • Fully rested to help the body fight the disease that causes the cough.
  • Eating a lot of warm food and drinks that increase the child's ability to expel phlegm, and focus on eating chicken soup, it is rich in important elements that the body needs in this period.
  • Drink water and juices frequently to protect the child from dehydration.
  • Steaming can be done to the child to open his airways, and to help him breathe, it can also use nasal solutions in pharmacies that work on dissolve phlegm and to facilitate to expel it out of the body.
  • You must work on moisturize baby's room by using steam, or go to the bathroom and run hot water to get the steam to moisten the airways, and keep on ventilate the room.

Cough Remedies for Toddlers

Resorting to The Doctor

  • If the child is younger than 3 months.
  • If you notice that this cough affect the child's breathing and can not breathe normally as before.
  • Start coughing after swallowing anything, whether a foreign body or even eat.
  • Refuse breastfeeding.
  • Fatigue and exhaustion in general.
  • If the temperature over 38°C,and did not respond to antipyretics within two hours of giving.
  • If the cough accompanying green phlegm or brown.

Keep on Good Nutrition

Good nutrition helps the child to healing

You should feed the child warm soups whatever vegetables or chicken and let him drink warm drinks such as warm lemon and anise. You must avoid the eggs and anything catalyze the allergic with taking antidepressant medication to avoid allergic. And eating foods which contain a lot of onions and garlic because they have a natural antibiotic kills the microbes and bacteria.


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