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How to Use Castor Oil for Best Results: DIY Methods

Updated on July 17, 2014

Castor oil is a pretty cool substance that has a lot of benefits and uses. It is majorly made up of fatty acid known as ricinoleic acid. Castor oil is 90% ricinoleic acid. Experts say that castor oil is the only substance that contains such a high percentage of ricinoleic acid.

What does this ricinoleic acid do? Well it is a fatty acid that is majorly responsible for healing diseases, infections and acts as a nutrient for our body. It prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses and molds thus it is widely used in curing bacterial and viral diseases and infections.

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To get benefitted from castor oil and to enjoy all advantages, you have to use castor oil the right way. It is not just that you have to take a tablespoon of castor oil every day and wait for it to work for you. Although adding castor oil in your food daily will not harm you at all but it isn’t the best way to use castor oil.

Experts have defined certain ways to use castor oil so that you can get the most from it. Therefore it is a good idea to use castor oil according to the suggested method. When you use castor oil as per defined rules that are proven ones, it then becomes more effective.

For instance, you must have heard from a lot of people that they have been using castor oil for a certain number of months or even years, and it has not done anything at all, while there are others who seem to be very satisfied with the use of castor oil because it just worked for them in a week. The only difference is the way you use it. It’s the same oil that is working for one person and at the same time it isn’t working for another person. There is nothing wrong with the oil and its chemical properties rather it is all about how you use it.

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Castor Oil for Arthritis Pain

Castor oil is considered very effective in getting rid of arthritis pain. But, of course you have to follow these instructions in order to treat your arthritis pain via castor oil.

  1. Soak a cotton cloth in castor oil. Make sure that castor oil is absorbed in the cloth. Now place the cloth piece on the infected joint. Wrap the cloth and the joint with a plastic covering. Now place a hot water bottle on the joint for at least an hour. This will relieve the pain to a great extent.
  2. You can directly apply castor oil on your joints. Heat castor oil and then massage the joint gently for 10 to 15 minutes. It is a better idea to massage the joint at night and leave overnight. Castor oil is very thick and it needs a lot of time to absorb in the skin therefore it is better to leave overnight so that oil penetrates deep in the skin.
  3. You can also take castor oil orally. Take one tablespoon a day before going to bed. You can also choose to mix castor oil with any drink or juice. Make sure that you do not eat or drink anything else after taking castor oil.
  4. Here is another way to take castor oil orally in case of severe arthritis. Add some ginger powder in a glass of water and boil it. Then leave the water and let it cool down. Then add two tablespoons of pure castor oil in the mixture, shake well and drink the water. Do not eat or drink anything after taking it.

Castor Oil for Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Castor oil has the ability to make your hair strong. It is great for hair growth and this is the reason that it is widely used for thickening eyebrows and eyelashes.

  1. For eyebrows, castor oil can regrow plucked brows and it can make them prominent and shinny. In order to apply castor oil to your eyebrows, you need to take a few drops of castor oil on your finger and then massage your eyebrow gently. Do the same for other eyebrow. Do this every day before going to bed. Wash your eyebrows and the face with water in the morning.
  2. Same can be done with the eyelashes. If you have thin eyelashes or if your eyelashes fall too much, you need to think of using castor oil. While a lot of experts suggest applying castor oil directly on your eyelashes, it is not a good idea. If you have weak eyelashes, applying castor oil directly onto them with your fingers will always result in over-plucking. A better way is to mix a few drops of castor oil in your mascara. Apply mascara before going to bed so that castor oil can work.
  3. Alternately you can use cotton swabs to apply castor oil on your eyelashes. Dip the cotton swab in castor oil and then move it gently over your eyelashes. Make sure that your eye is closed. Do it extremely gently so that you don’t end up damaging your eyelashes.

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Castor Oil for Skin

Washing your face with oil is indeed something that you cannot miss. Castor oil is great for skin since it has the ability to fight against bacteria and viruses that reside deep inside your skin.

There are several ways in which you can apply castor oil on your skin.

  1. Take castor oil and mix it up well on your palms and then massage your face gently. Make sure to absorb as much oil as you can. Wash your face after a few hours.
  2. Castor oil is thick and doesn’t absorb easily therefore it should be mixed with another oil (recommended) preferably avocado oil or olive oil. This way oil will penetrate easily and will do the work.
  3. For pimples, scars and wrinkles, apply castor oil gently on the infected area and let it absorb.

If you have dry skin, make sure that you apply castor oil on your skin no more than twice a week. And if you have oily skin, it is a good idea to wash your face with castor oil every day.


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