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How to Use Garlic to Cure a Cold

Updated on December 6, 2012

Know the source and the methodologies used to grow your medicinal garlic


Garlic helps to increase "the rate" of healing, for cold sufferers

What is the source of garlic's power?

The source of garlic's power is very complex and difficult to explain because the biochemical explanation for it immune boosting properties go far beyond the scope of this discourse. However, there are biochemicals contained within the bulb, the leaves and the flowers (all three of these anatomical structures of the garlic plant are edible) that strengthens the immune system and helps to keep our bodies healthy. Let's keep this question simple by simply stating that the source of garlic's power lies within the biochemical compounds (provided by Nature) that reside within the bulb (make up by structures called bulblets (or cloves), and within the leaves and flowers of the garlic plant.

How does garlic work to heal or to prevent diseases in the first place?

Research has clearly supported the ability of garlic (Allium sativum) to help protect our bodies from developing cancers. There are enzymes within our bodies that garlic enhance, or increase their power, to detoxify carcinogens that cause cancer. Garlic decreases the adverse effects of oxidation that can promote the development of cancers (the plural (cancers) is being used in this composition to indicate that there are different types of cancers, or tumors, that garlic helps to prevent). It is true, also, that garlic helps to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and even kill cancer cells, while at the same time, boosting immune system strength.

How does one use garlic to promote healing?

The best way to use garlic is to add it to your foods in its raw form. Use raw garlic garlic in dressings, dips, soups and sauces. Garlic has a greater anti-cancer effect if, when you are cooking, you crush the garlic and allow it to stand for 10 minutes, a time that promotes an essential enzymatic change, before it is added to the pan.

What is a good source of garlic to be used for healing purposes?

I am a researcher, a medical professional, and a Japanese Nature Farmer who practices "organic approaches" to growing foods. My thinking and training about how to produce and prepare foods go beyond simple organic thinking. In my thinking in Medical terms, "Good food is Good medicine. Also, I am a university trained theologian, train at one of America's most outstanding theological institutions, so I have learned to approach the production of foods as one approaches a "practical theology." As a matter of fact, in my "World View," Nature farming, using the method that I use to produce foods, is a practical theology. Having said this, most sources of garlic are good sources. But be sure, that your garlic source has not been grown is contaminated soils or soils that have been exposed to dangerous chemicals within the last 3 years.

How much does garlic cost?

Cost varies, but garlic is not cheap. In the typical super-market it may tend to be less expensive. Organically grown garlic tends to be more expensive. Nature-farmed garlic, the way I grow it, costs a dollar an ounce. I grow two types of garlic: 1) Lee Jenkins garlic, and 2) Siberian garlic. The Siberian has the stronger taste of the two. However, both are very powerful medicinal types.

Now, let's deal specifically with the question asked, "How do we use garlic to cure a cold?"

I have talked about how garlic increases the strength of the immune system and helps us to prevent cancer and to cure cancer. You may say, this is well and good, but the question was, "how do we use garlic to cure a cold?" Eat garlic in your foods while you are in the period of "trying to overcome the cold." Just eat it in your foods. You will find that this should help you to decrease the time that it takes to overcome the cold. The secret lies in the "action of making the immune system more powerful." Garlic helps to increase the strength of the immune system to overcome the effects of any disease processes.


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