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How to Use Progesterone Cream

Updated on February 11, 2011

How To Use Progesterone Cream

Many women experience problems related to hormonal changes, such as premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and symptoms related to both menopause and perimenopause. According to the University of Maryland, using natural progesterone cream may alleviate symptoms that are typical of PMS, PMDD and similar disorders. Natural progesterone cream is available over the counter in most health food stores. Despite its nonprescription availability, talk to your doctor before using natural progesterone cream, because it may affect how medications work.

  • Apply approximately a half teaspoon of natural progesterone cream to your freshly washed face and neck. Avoid getting the cream in your eyes and apply it gently to your skin with a circular motion. Rotate the area you apply the cream. Alternate application to your face with application to your breasts, and the insides of your lower arms daily.
  • Administer progesterone cream for two weeks, beginning 12 days after your menstrual cycle begins. Always use your first day of menstrual bleeding as a guide to when to use the cream. If you begin your cycle early, stop using the cream and wait 12 days from the date your cycle began before applying the cream again.
  • Apply progesterone cream to the upper shoulders and sides of your neck behind your ears. This application is particularly good for headaches that tend to occur due to hormonal fluctuations.
  • Apply a quarter teaspoon of progesterone cream to your wrists, just as you would apply perfume. Keep a tube of progesterone cream with you and use this application when you begin to experience a hot flash.
  • If you have reached menopause or have ceased to menstruate due to other reasons, apply progesterone cream beginning on the eighth day of the month and stop at the end of the month.



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    • tedcampbell2792 profile image

      tedcampbell2792 6 years ago from NY

      I've heard that it does and less risk than synthetic hormones!

    • AngelaKaelin profile image

      AngelaKaelin 6 years ago from New York

      This stuff really works!