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How to Use a Lice Comb

Updated on May 13, 2011

Lice Comb Basics

One of the best methods of killing lice is a simple lice comb. A lice comb is a narrow-toothed comb that allows lice to be caught in between the teeth and then removed from hair that has a lice infestation. There are a few types of lice combs, from the cheap plastic combs that can aid with removing a few lice from the scalp to heavy duty plastic, metal and electronic lice combs that can take care of a more serious lice problem.

Choosing Between Plastic and Metal Lice Combs

Use a plastic comb to kill lice if you have just a few lice to kill. Place the pointed end of the lice comb directly on the scalp just below the lice. Brush the comb across the scalp, never letting the comb come out of contact with the scalp. Head lice don't live in the hair- they attach themselves to your scalp. Pull the comb up through the hair and then away from the head. Lice will be trapped against the teeth of the lice comb. If they aren't, try the procedure again. You will then kill lice by dropping them into the trash, the sink or by immersing them into a soapy solution. Without a blood supply to sustain them, the lice will die within a few days.

If there are many lice, kill lice with a metal comb. This stronger type of comb will hold up better over the many combings needed for a large lice problem. A metal lice comb is used the same way as a plastic comb, but they can scrape the scalp uncomfortably if you press too hard with them. When lice infestation is bad enough, scraping the scalp may be exactly what is needed to dislodge and kill them all, even if it is uncomfortable or even a little bit painful.

Using an Electronic Lice Comb

For an easier time with combing, purchase an electric lice comb to kill lice without having to drag them away from the head. The ends of an electronic comb are made from metal, but they are generally not sharp or uncomfortable to use. These combs works like a plastic or metal lice comb, but killing lice is done as soon as the teeth of the comb traps the lice. Each time one is trapped, an electric current passes through each bug and kills it. This can make the long and tedious task easier and less taxing on the hands.

To kill head lice for good, you also have to kill the eggs. Most combs aren't made to kill the eggs, and an additional lice treatment may be necessary. Try pairing up a lice comb with a suffocation treatment to kill any remaining lice on the head. 


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