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How to Wake Up Every Morning Feeling Refreshed

Updated on January 1, 2014
Waking up feeling refreshed
Waking up feeling refreshed | Source

Do You Wake Up From 8 Hours Sleep Still Feeling Tired?

When you have a good night sleep and yet still wake up feeling tired, lethargic, even disconnected from what is happening around you, the most likely cause is you body mind and soul is out of sync. The inability of your entire body to feel revitalized after hours of sleep can be as stressful to your body as not sleeping at all. Studies have shown the importance of a good night sleep and the affect it can have on our moods but there are also times when despite a good night sleep we have difficulty waking and feel sluggish, tired and moody for the remainder of the day. This can then affect our work, studies, and relationships and if this becomes a recurring problem then serious health issues may arise such as heart disease.

After experiencing the sluggish feelings from time to time even though I knew I was getting enough sleep, I put it down to perhaps having lots of dreams and I began to believe it was just to be expected from having a busy life. Until just recently when I began feeling this way almost every morning and decided to find out what was really going on.

Wake slowly, give yourself time to fully wake up before getting out of bed.
Wake slowly, give yourself time to fully wake up before getting out of bed. | Source

Give Yourself Time to Fully Wake Up

On waking up my first thoughts are often what I need to get done that day. It doesn't matter if it is a work day or a holiday my mind is on full alert making mental lists and notes of stuff to do. Usually this spurs me on to get out of bed so as not to waste any time. From there I don't really have a routine, sometimes I have coffee first, other times I head directly to the shower. Then its a little time to read, write or tweek a hub and then the rest of the day is taken up with either work or shopping, visiting family and friends, cleaning and cooking. But all the while, I generally feel tired and irritable and my mind is chattering away about all sorts of things as I worry about running out of time to get everything done before falling back into bed.

Then I lost my job, one I had had for many years, and my 'routine' changed. My first realization on waking was that I didn't have a job and what was I going to do to fill my days while something else came along. As I lay there thinking about a business idea I found my mind just lazily wandering from one thing to the next and realized it had been a long time since I had given myself time to full wake up before getting up. Feeling very calm and surprisingly refreshed the remainder of the day was very productive but free of stress.

Sleep journey
Sleep journey | Source

What Actually Happens When We Sleep.

When we sleep our body, mind and spirit all go in different directions. This explain why sometimes when we wake after a sleep we feel fuzzy, have trouble waking up and generally feel disconnected. Sometimes this feeling will last for many hours, sometimes all day.

When we allow ourselves to fully wake up following the 8 steps listed below, our mind body and spirit all return to base and we feel fantastic and energized. However the opposite will happen if the three have not had the chance to return to base and reconnect. When I say the body needs a chance to return to base I am talking figuratively. During sleep our bodies go through feelings and movements within the dream state as if we are really running away from a pursuer or realistically kissing our partner passionately. Sometimes our dreams appear to be so real that our limbs move.

Sleep is meant to refresh, re-vitalize and energize but sometimes it does the opposite. We often wake at different stages of our sleep journey. I like to use this term because I often wake up feeling as if I have been on a journey and I strive to remember where I have been and what I have been doing. My husband sometimes says I have been moving around in my sleep and mumble as if in a conversation and other times I have recalled participating in conversations or activities that seemed so very real. Even those who do not believe they dream when they sleep actually do, but they have trouble recalling their dreams.

The body mind and spirit become separate during sleep as they individually process the events of the day and endeavour to recuperate and prepare for the next days events. In the dream phase the separation is most pronounced and this sometimes accounts for us doing odd things in our dreams and not being able to interpret the strange symbology or meaning of our dreams. It is as if we enter another world when we sleep.

Sometimes the mind, body and spirit have a chance to reconnect and balance before we wake but at other times and for varying reasons this does not happen and we are left feeling 'out of sorts'.

The Spirit Uses Sleep as a Holiday From an Overactive Mind

Our mind is easily tricked during sleep into thinking that what we are dreaming is real, our spirit knows this is an illusion that is required for us to learn and grow, to find inspiration, creativity and to problem solve.. The spirit, or soul uses this opportunity as a holiday from our overactive mind and body and at times finds it hard to come back home 'on time' or is simply busy recuperating. Meditation and finding stillness is the only other time the spirit is given the opportunity to regroup. When meditation and other forms of relaxation is not part of a person life the spirit will take longer to return to base after the mind and body have been involved in sleep and dreaming. This explains why we often feel tired after many hours of sleep.

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Gently stretching Step 7
Gently stretching Step 7 | Source

8 Steps to Waking Fully

I began taking a little bit of time each morning to come fully awake. I don't often need an alarm clock, however I started setting the time 5-10 minutes before the time I needed to get up. I don't have a problem with falling back to sleep, the tiredness seems to kick in a few hours later, but for some this may be an issue. Try this procedure for at least two weeks and see if you notice a difference to your stare of mind during the day.

  1. Immediately on being aware that you are awake try to stay as still as possible with your eyes closed.
  2. Notice your breathing, breathe gently, rhythmically 5 inhales, 5 exhales.
  3. Slowly open your eyes.
  4. Look around your surroundings while ignoring any thoughts you might have, try to keep your mind as blank as possible.
  5. Wiggle your toes and fingers.
  6. Take 5 really deep breaths.
  7. Gently stretch and flex your muscles as you slowly become more aware of all of your body.
  8. Affirm you are going to have a productive and happy day.

For anyone wishing to try this themselves I suggest setting your alarm to give you time to fully wake up but perhaps hit the snooze button in case you tend to fall back to sleep easily. This may take a little practice but soon your body will fall into a rhythm of waking with enough time for you to become fully awake without re entering the sleep phase. This is important because if you re-enter the sleep phase even for a short time the mind, body and spirit go their separate ways once again and you must go back to step one.

Listen to gentle relaxing music before sleep

Putting It All Together

It is of course important to remember that every moment counts towards a healthier you. When you eat, play and sleep well your mind body and spirit is balanced. Meditation, massage, Reiki, yoga or tai chi are all beneficial in assisting a balanced lifestyle. So too is healthy eating, incorporating more vegetables and fruits that the body can easily digest and less meat consumption. Being aware of your thoughts, using affirmations and positive thinking is also beneficial.

Sleeping was once overlooked as a source of illness but today more practitioners are looking at the benefits of treating the whole body which included the patterns of sleep. However apart from observing sleep patterns and disturbances there appears to be little understanding of the mind, body and spirit during sleep and that they travel different paths during your rest period of sleep. Re-aligning on waking sometimes requires assistance from us to help us become fully awake. Anyone can improve the quality of their life by practicing and applying the 8 steps to waking fully. You will begin to notice more clarity, better attention, improved creativity, more energy and overall enjoyment of life.

I suggest trying the 8 steps for at least 2 weeks and then incorporating some form of relaxation or meditation into your day. These practices need not take a long time even a short 5-10 minute breathing exercise can be of huge benefit to your health. Be kind and patient with your self and you will be rewarded.

Healthy Bed Time Rituals Can Help You Sleep Well.

There are some things we have no control over that wake us up from sleep before our mind, body and spirit have returned to base and are balanced. The phone might ring in the middle of the night or a loud noise outside might wake us and we jump out of bed to answer the phone or find out what made the terrible noise. When we return to bed it might be difficult to go back to sleep and our lack of proper rest will affect our day. However most nights, provided we prepare ourselves properly for sleep, we will be successful in getting enough quality rest.

There are rituals that many of us follow that can help us in getting a quality sleep.

  • Having a warm drink before bed time
  • Brushing your teeth or having a bath or shower
  • Saying a prayer or affirmation
  • Laying in bed in a certain position
  • Listening to gentle music before bed time
  • Saying 'goodnight' to our partner
  • Reading

There are certain activities that need to be avoided including, drinking alcohol, smoking, watching violent or dramatic television programs or dvd's, being involved in unsettling conversations, worrying about life situations we have little control over.


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    • Christine P Ann profile imageAUTHOR

      Christine P Ann 

      4 years ago from Australia

      Lovely to hear from you lisavanvorst. You make a good point about the effects the weather can have on our sleep and emotions in general. I guess I am lucky in that respect to have not too many wet and gloomy days her in Australia. I love writing, it is my savior as well. Thanks so much for stopping by :)

    • lisavanvorst profile image

      Lisa VanVorst 

      4 years ago from New Jersey

      Great Article. I am unemployed and find I often sleep 8 or more hours a night. Now I drift off in the afternoon too. I contribute this to going from a busy woman to what am I going to do today (boredom). I actually do some of the steps in your article and don't jump right out of bed. However with the gloomy weather in New Jersey my body isn't in a rush to get up. There is just so many times I can clean my house. Thank Good ness for my writing it keeps me sane.

    • Christine P Ann profile imageAUTHOR

      Christine P Ann 

      4 years ago from Australia

      Thank you Colleen I am pleased you enjoyed reading it

    • Colleen Swan profile image

      Colleen Swan 

      4 years ago from County Durham

      I felt soothed by reading this hub and will remind myself to implement these ideas during this new year. It is sometimes difficult to forget disturbing dreams, but I know they are the mind's way of sorting anxieties. Nice Hub.


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