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How the Game of Life is Really Won

Updated on June 30, 2015

Life is in many ways, is like a game, but not a game like monopoly or UNO where the victor gets bragging rights and the losers just get frustrated until the next game. Life is like a game in the sense that there is an end goal, and that end goal is based on how well you follow a set of rules, but unlike monopoly or other games, life doesn't come with a neat set of instructions to follow. A large part of the game of life is figuring out the purpose for yourself before the time runs out and just like monopoly, no one even tries to figure out all the rules before they start. They just kind of make up the rules as they go based on what the general consensus becomes. We tell ourselves, its just to hard to figure out, or we don't want to figure it out, everyone has a different version of the rules and there is no use in getting all agitated about figuring out how the game is really supposed to be played so we end up giving up the game before we even start.

…and just to make it clear, this isn't a game where you can just put down your cards and walk out.; here, quitting is loosing.


Another common misconception we think about the game of life is that is won by big wins. We conclude that our success in life is achieved by the big choices like picking the right spouse, religion, job, political affiliation, going to war for our nation, being famous, winning a championship ring, or being remembered in the history books. While, all these things can be nice, they don't decide victories in the game of life. if you only counted the decisions of that level of magnitude in life, you would leave a lot of open space unaccounted for.

Time is money, you might spend $50,000 on a an automobile and say it is a big decision, but if you added all the clothes, sock, pencils, papers, bread, milk, sodas, etc. you buy in you life, it would add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars or. How wise you are with your money in the seemingly small things will have a huge impact on weather or not you will be able to win the game of affording retirement. In life, all the little grains of decision you make and continue to pile up will outweigh all the boulders.

So what have you spent you life doing? Attempting to reach a certain point on the board? Are you hoping that if you roll the right numbers, you will end up with a monopoly? Have you been waiting for that get out of jail free card? If you have, then I have bad news, that monopoly needs to be negotiated for, you will end up having to pay your way out of jail. The only way you win the game is doing something and taking whats yours.


The only way you win the game by growing. Just how a tree wins the game of life. It blossoms and grows little by little everyday. As opposed to trees, humans can grow and never realize their full potential. Its all the more important, that your mind grows to reach its full potential. Your mind is one of the most complex machines ever created, Its more complicated to explain how to to rear a healthy mind than to rear a healthy garden, and you would be surprised to know how hard it is to raise a good garden. But its important that you figure out how its done anyways because if you don't, your mind garden is going to die, even if you don't, even if you find one million and one ways to justify why you are loosing the game.

The game of life is not a tangible game you can play, it is played in your head. Think of it as exploring a new operating system for the first time. Getting to know the game of life is like getting to know that system and trying to figure out how it operates. Anyone that has some experience with operating systems knows that the answers you get are only as good as the questions you present it. You need to ask the right questions to life in order to really understand it. What is important to know? What are the trusted resources? How do you determine truth from falsehoods? What truly exists?, how does the universe work? Why do people behave in certain ways? what makes people act? what drives peoples thoughts?

Its fair to say that you have officially started playing the game when you find yourself walking out under the night sky onto an open pasture and yell at the stars "What in the world is going on here?"

Do you feel you are winning the game of life?

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