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How to achieve your dreams and goals and get what you want.

Updated on September 10, 2011
stay motivated.
stay motivated.
i put it as a wallpaper on my laptop. it means that you must stop being lazy a$$ and WORK for your dream, do not wait it is gonig to happen just cose you want it. you must MAKE IT HAPPEN by your actions.
i put it as a wallpaper on my laptop. it means that you must stop being lazy a$$ and WORK for your dream, do not wait it is gonig to happen just cose you want it. you must MAKE IT HAPPEN by your actions. | Source
do that too. forget there is such thing as failure, remember only about success.
do that too. forget there is such thing as failure, remember only about success.
so go NOW for you dream, hear my message?
so go NOW for you dream, hear my message?

The example of writing a plan for your goal


Have you seen movie "Secret"? I did. And i presonally didn't find anything new for me, I've known the secret already. A lot of people know it. They just don't know it is called "secret". Let me explain, so better take a pen and a piece of paper and answer these questions:

1. Are you satisfied with your life? Is there anything you would love to change?

2. Do you have a dream? A goal to complete? If no, do you feel you lack something in your life?

3. Choose one thing you want to achieve more than everything. If there is no such thing, just put a goal for you, a simple goal, like writing your homework exellent.ike, if you want to get A for your test, it's not because of your parents who want you to be perfect. It's because YOU want to show to your teacher who hates you that you worth to have that A, for example. Pride is a HUGE motivator, nobody likes to lose (unless it's the important strategy' step). Why do you want to achieve that goal/dream? why do YOU want? Forget everyone who tells you need to make it, doing anything for someone is useless unless you do it for yourself first. Example: doing your homework for A cose your mom will be angry otherwise - will end that you get depressed, doing homework will be associated with anything but interesting and rewarding. But you can do your homework to gain respect from yourself, being good at something makes us believe in ourselves, even it's something we do not really like.

4. Choose time when this goal must be achieved. But only such time you BELIEVE you can achieve a goal. I mean, you can't write a book of 300 pages in 5 minutes, right?

5. Now draw a way to your goal. Make a plan. I use ONeNote by Microsoft Office for planning, it's really comfortable. You can just draw in a round your dream, and arrows from it to the steps you must make before getting close to that dream of yours. example of a plan I drawed to you, take a look at the picture, please. Remember: when you think about HOW your plan looks and try to do everything lovey-dovey, you block your fantasy to give you ideas, cose you concentrate on a picture, but not on a content. I tried my best to show you that :D (drawn in 3 minutes, something like that). You understand your plan, thats enough, you can make it look better later, just work fast while your brain doesn't think about what if's but thinks about How to's.

6. Everytime you get an idea like those:
"what if I fail?
I can't do that.
I am useless.
That is a stupid idea"
or someone will tell you this:
" you are idiot if you think you can make it.
it is impossible.
you are just a dreamer, get down to Earth!"
you must let those thoughts and words SHUT THE F*CK UP!

I am serious.

If your desire is strong enough, and your reasons are reasonable enough for you, if you cannot live without getting that, then you will get EVERYTHING you want. Forget the But's.

There are so many inspirational people in this world who achieved what they wanted no matter what everyone thought! no matter what they sometimes themselves thought! Cose their desire was stronger than LOGIC, LAZINESS, more fascinating than their COMFORT ZONE(like, I don't go to the nearest shop instead of going to the shop which is further just cose the nearest has more people in it, it's a supermarket, and i am afraid of people or feel uncomfortable near a lot of people. I choose comfort zone - i run from a problem using easier way for protecting myself and going to a far place cose it's safer instead of fighting with my problem and going to the nearest shop. That is an example. I don't care which shop to go, I fought with that problem already and won).

So, I hope it made you a bit clear about what you must do first to achieve your dream. I could give you other ideas, but it would be useless if you can't undesrtand that sentence and especially believe in it:

Feel free to ask questions in comments or even say I am wrong. Cose I'm not, I get everything in my life exactly like that. And those are not just words, I am just too stubborn to believe I can't make it, and in the end my pride wins, I get what I want because failing is not an option. I can't imagine living otherwise but having what I want, I can't find a substitute for my dreams. What about you?

P.S.: stop listening depressing music(or at least don't listen in all the time). It will make you remember your failures and take your beliefs away, it will only make you less motivational. For motivation I suggest you to listen those songs(listen to lyrics and you will understand why I suggest it):

David Guetta - the world is mine(to make you believe in yourself)

Michael Buble - feeling good - with lyrics(to make you smile to your future that you are going to create for yourself from now on)

pussycat dolls - when i grow up - with lyrics(to make you feel how sweet revenge is going to be on those who told you you can't make it)

she wants revenge - your love - lyrics goes in next link(to remember your reasons and be faithful to yourself no matter what everyone tells, your intoition is your guide)

I hope this was helpful. I hope you are also a fan of She Wants Revenge now, cose that is one of few bands who isn't pop and makes me feel strong to achieve everything. Their song(most of them) are really energetic, same feeling with David Guetta's "the world is mine", it's what I have, at least.

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