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Taking care of pregnancy woman

Updated on November 9, 2017

Pregnancy care -a new life

Everyone knows that delivery of a baby is a new birth for the ladies. But after the birth of a child, all pain will vanish, because of the new born baby and proudness of a mother. But during pregnancy, there are so many things which should be taken care by the mother and also the family members. There are some things that should take care during pregnancy time and it will help for a mother for safe delivery. We will see what are the things that a lady, huband and other family members should take care during the pregnancy period.

importance of taking care during pregnancy

The best part of human life especially for ladies is their pregnancy time. God has given a great boon to ladies to give birth a child to this world. We all should know how to take care of ladies during the pregnancy time. After confirming the pregnancy, it is the best time to take care of health not only physically but also mentally. But it needs lot of support from family members especially from husband side.

At initial stage of pregnancy, the pregnant ladies will get vomiting sensation a lot and also morning sickness. The vomiting sensation may be upto 3 months depends on person to person. Some ladies will prefer to eat mangoes and taste like of mangoes. Since it is a new to the pregnant ladies, they may start to afraid during the initial period. Husband should take care of wife during those period. He should be caring and should explain her about the positive things in pregnancy and to not to worry about that.

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Avoid fear during pregnancy

As it is a common thing for ladies to get fear about the delivery, it may make them to stay alone. So it is the family members responsibility to give support and should make her happy. If any elders present in the family, they should give proper adivce and suggestion that should follow during pregnancy period. So with the support of family members and husband, it will be easy to remove fear from her.

As fear is due to fear about her life, the pregnant ladies should always talk about only positive things. Also the family members should communicate in positive related topics. They should avoid talking about death or some other unwanted things to the pregnant ladies. Otherwise it will affect the pregnant lady mentality. It will cause unnecessary fear. So always speak positive things.

It is better to hear some melody songs or music whenever they feel bored. It will change the mood in a better way. It will give a happy mood to the pregnant ladies. Avoid unnecessary sounds in music or video which will affect both the mother and child. So it should be taken care properly.

Work and exercise for pregnant ladies

At initial stage, the pregnant ladies should take care of their health. They should take proper rest. As the foetus start growing, the heart beat should be the first sign for better growth. So proper checkup with the doctor is necessary and to the follow the instruction. During first three months or four months as adviced by the doctor, she should take rest. Especially they should not travel in motor bikes and also for a long distance in bus or train. Family members should not give any work to the pregnant ladies.

After fourth or fifth month, pregnant ladies can do small work and exercise at their home. But it should not be a risky work or exercise. They should not give lot of pressure to their physical as well as mental. Proper sleep is a must for pregnant ladies. They should take proper nutrition at regular time with their food. They should follow as per the doctor's prescription. They should not use tablets or any drugs for head aches or any problem without considering with doctor.

Iron and calcium is necessary for pregnant ladies. During pregnancy, ladies should take iron as well as with folic acid. It can be available in food suppliments also. Folic acid plays a vital role for the pregnant ladies and it helps for the child also. So folic acid is a must for pregnant ladies. Calcium is also necessary for pregnant ladies. So consuming Iron with folic acid and calcium plays important for both mother and child health.

During evening time, pregnant ladies can have a walk near by their home or in a park with good atmosphere and ventilation. It will help to bring baby for revolving around positions. So daily have a walk for about 20 to 30 minutes will help for better delivery. There are also classes conducting exercises for pregnant ladies. So they can join in that class and can get benefits.

After 7th month, pregnant ladies should be very careful. They should not travel for long time. Especially during 9th month, delivery can happen in any time even before the due date. So family members should be ready to prepare things for delivery interms of hospital where they want to admit for delivery and keeping all the records during pregnancy. During that time, pregnant ladies will get afraid of labor pain. So husband should take care of wife during that time. Sometimes false pain also will happen. Anyway it should be check from doctors. After getting feel like pain, it is the correct time to admit in hospital.

If all the things followed by the pregnant ladies. then there is no need to worry about the delivery. She will give birth a new member to this world. Family members, everyone including husband should play a vital role by giving hope to the pregnant woman and should help during delivery time. Hope everyone will follow for the best result.


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      RedElf 6 years ago from Canada

      Some very valuable tips here.