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How to avoid slipping on ice and snow

Updated on December 22, 2013

How to avoid slipping on ice

One thing you can do is to invest in a pair of ice grips for shoes, also known as ice cleats. These are worn over the sole of your boots or shoes and provide extra grip for when you have to walk through icey areas for any period of time. This can really save you from a bad fall and a possible hospital visit.

The Dangers Of Slipping On Ice

Wintertime can be a very dangerous time as far as frozen ice on the ground is concerned, It is very annoying and inconvenient trying to walk when the ground resembles an ice rink and you have to pick every step carefully! At this time of year, hospitals are often inundated with extra casualties in their accident and emergency departments. Slipping on ice can cause fractures etc and can be a real danger, even more so for the elderly or infirm.

Fortunately there is certain precautions you can take, its best to only walk in icey areas when absolutely necessary. Even in areas that seem safe, there can black ice, ice that you can't see, as it looks like just damp or clear ground.

Choosing Ice Cleats / Ice Grips

There are several different types of ice cleats available for shoes. Which type you want to buy depends on your situation and the parcular cold weather conditions you are dealing with. There is types that range from being rubber ice grips or even string type material, these are when conditions are not so harsh or when you don't wish to look like you're trekking through the north pole! There is also ones available for more severe conditions, these have metal spikes or protruding grips which may or may not be replacable.

Its worth looking around at some of the different ones available as the styles and prices vary widely. It is a very good investment to make, even if you are lucky enough to only have to deal with short winter icey conditions, as it only takes one fall one time to cause a very painful inconvenient accident, better safe than sorry, watch your step and take the precautions necessary to stay safe, starting with a suitable pair of ice grips for your shoes.


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