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How to avoid stress and anxiety

Updated on July 16, 2012

Exams and stress

When you have an exam at school or maybe for your driving licence, anxiety and stress strike mercilessly. It could happen to adults but also when you are young of age. Poor exam results are often the result of poor examination. When you have to make a huge perfomance in little time it's just had and maybe you just can't cope with it.

Different aspects can help you not to be that stressful, think of eating right, healty lifestyle, the place where you study. This are just a few aspects, their are many more.

Anxiety paralysis

We all want to perform and most of us can do that very good, some of us need a bit dose of stress en anxiety. It helps us to perform better, but when you get to much stress and anxiety the story changes! It can escalate and you can end up in trouble. Most of the time parents can and wil see the signs and make intervent. Stress is comman , more people than we think are struggling with stress and anxiety. So if you have it, you are nog alone, it doesn't come over night. Most people just don't recognize it, if you recognize the problem you can take precautions and make sure you have it under control.

Parents are importent when the have young students in the home.

Dont let this happen to you! Make sure everything is neat and tidy!
Dont let this happen to you! Make sure everything is neat and tidy!

What can you do


Yes, water! It is needed, no doubt about it! Water makes that your food, energy and the oxygen in your body works good. Everything that doesn't belong is going out of your body as soon as possible and keeps your body at the right temperature.


This can be a cliche, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day and absolutely when you have exams. When you have a good breakfast your glucose amount stays adequate, your brain loves that. Your body gets enough enery to perform if you have carbohydrates like brown bread, granola, baked eggs. It's better not to start with a diet when you have exams, it's possible that your brain thinks more about food and other stuff than the exams. In the exam period it's better to make sure that your body and brain have enough energy to make it through the day.

Take your time

This is so importent. Take your time for everything! Make a plan and schedule the time you will learn. If you don''t know how to do this, get some help. Prepare a plan so you know, on a daily basis, what you have to do or learn. Make sure you make time every day to learn or just read a little bit. If you start one day before the exam, you will have the stress and the anxiaty! So take your time!
Also make sure you are on time, you can have you rest are at ease and you can start.


There are a lot off pills that can help you, not something I would advise, but some people just can't do without pills. But there are afcoure also natural recources.

Valerian - Most people know it can help for example, against anxiety and stress, exam stress, retlessness.
It makes sure you can me more focesed and brings you to rest.

Lemon balm\ leaves - this also helps against anxiety, tension, depression and stress.


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