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How to avoid stretch marks during your pregnancy

Updated on May 8, 2020
How to avoid stretch marks
How to avoid stretch marks


How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

 More than half of pregnant women develop stretch marks during pregnancy. They can vary in color depending on the natural color of your skin. Most women with thin and light skin develop pink ones, while those with darker, stretch marks are barely noticeable and bright.

 In the majority of women stretch marks occur during pregnancy and mostly in the buttocks, thighs, chest and abdomen. In most cases, over 90% of women have stretch marks on any part of the their body as a result of pregnancy.

What causes stretch marks?

Most women get stretch marks in the later trimesters of pregnancy and some may be expressed in the chest as they start to grow during pregnancy. Due to the dynamic growth of the fetus and lack of elasticity, the skin is stretched and thus leads to the appearance of stretch marks.

They are not harmful or painful and fade with time.

Who can get stretch marks?

Many women believe that the use of creams and lotions can help prevent stretch marks. Realistically, however, the number of stretch marks depends on how elastic your skin is. A skin elasticity depends on your genes. The best thing you can do is to know whether your mother had stretch marks during pregnancy. If it had, perhaps you too will be prone to this problem. And note that the more weight you gain during pregnancy, the more likely you are to have stretch marks.

 Usually the skin is supple and elastic, but in some women during pregnancy, changes are quite drastic. These rapid fluctuations in weight and extensibility of the skin can lead to stretch marks.

Usually, women with multiple pregnancies have a greater chance of developing stretch marks because their breasts are increasing more than twice than those pregnant with one fetus.

 If you had stretch marks in puberty more likely to occur again during pregnancy. Well hydrated and nourished skin definitely leaves a lower probability of their occurrence.

Preventing stretch marks.

 As already mentioned, many women find that special creams can prevent the appearance of stretch marks, but it is not always working 100%.

Today, have many cosmetic formulations against stretch marks. Some help moisturize the skin and reduce itching. For others is believed to reduce stretch marks, but there are no scientific studies supporting this claim. The best thing we can do to minimize stretch marks is to stay away from using any creams and ointments for the body.

But if you're determined to use, first consult your doctor and together choose appropriate cosmetics according to your weight.

Stretch marks removal.

Most women worry about stretch marks until after birth. Fortunately, in most cases they fade after time. Usually 12 months after birth are subtle and lighter.

Some women have very severe stretch marks that can be seen especially after pregnancy. There are several methods for removing them. If indeed this is a serious problem for you, consult a dermatologist. Some treatments can help at least to minimize them. If you are breastfeeding also consult a doctor before taking the treatment for stretch marks. Some treatments may affect breast milk and pass into the baby through breast milk. There are some newer treatments such as laser for example, which can improve skin elasticity and reduce stretch marks. Some women resort to plastic surgery, after childbirth. The cream can help to hide any part of the stretch marks, but it certainly will not improve skin elasticity.

Do the following: try during pregnancy to maintain normal weight and do not give great importance of stretch marks.


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