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How to be Healthier without a lifestyle change

Updated on August 12, 2016

7 tips to be healthier

As everybody knows, diets and exercise programs require a lifestyle change for long term, and it requires commitment and the desire to become what you want, healthier and good looking, but must people lose that hunger and the desire to stay in line working hard and doing exercises they don't like, and committed to a diet they don't enjoy at all.

I know the struggle, I've been in the same situation many times, but I improved alot due to some tips I read about that I'm going to share with you and its going to be useful for the ones who want to change for the better.

However, making smaller lifestyle changes over long periods of times may be easier, more affordable and more enjoyable for many individuals.

1-MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR DOCTOR. If you think that there are some small changes needed or want to make in your life to be healthier and good looking, it would be good to see your doctor, he can review your medical history, measure your weight and of course he will tell you what will be beneficial for your health and your body.

2-SET GOALS FOR YOURSELF. this is the most important tip, setting goals to be achieved is very helpful, it encourages your mind to work hard for it, set small goals because they are easier to be achieved, let those goals lead to a larger goal which is a healthy life, because due to a study, small goals are easier to be achieved and it will provide you with the necessary motivation to work for it.

  • When setting goals make sure they are REALISTIC, timely, and specific, for example, instead of setting a goal of "I want to boost my endurance" make a goal "I want to run for 3 km without the need to stop". and when you reach it, set a harder goal to be achieved.
  • Write your goals in a piece of paper, let your eyes contact them every while you look around, it will be very helpful to set your mind in the right track.

3-FIND SUPPORT. surrounding yourself with people who are committed to the same goals as you have and are better than you in that helps a lot, you know, seeing somebody who's better than you always pushes you forward to become better, you can learn from them, you can train with them and you can also get some diet recipes they use to stay in shape.

4- DRINK WATER, MORE WATER. its important for your body and your hydration and health, if you feel like you don't drink the necessary amount of water everyday, try to change soda drinks and those sweetened beverages with a cup of water, it will help reduce your overall calorie intake and promote weight loss.
Give up on those industrial juices full of sugar, get some real, organic fruits and make your juice yourself, don't add sugar to it to reduce calories.
It is healthier to drink water before every meal.

5- EAT HEALTHY. eat fruits and vegetables everyday, you can make delicious salads with mixed fruits and vegetables, always use fresh ones, try to prepare what you're going to eat the whole day, keep it in the fridge, when you feel like hungry, eat the salad and enjoy your naturalistic recipe.

6- WALK THROUGHOUT THE DAY, If you have a free time, it would be beneficial if you walk, you can use a bicycle to get to your job or to go shopping... the thing is you have to keep on moving, burning calories throughout the day, or you can play your favorite sports, just keep on moving, I won't tell you that 1 mile is enough, it is, but doing more activities is always beneficial for your health and it will help you to get to your goals faster.

7- TRAIN HARD. why I mentioned it last ? because its not the most important thing to lose weight, diet plays a big role in the weight loss process
let me explain, if you trained very hard today and you burnt like 1000cals and you ate a McDonald snack, its like you've done nothing, like they say, its like you are pouring water in the sand.
You have to burn more calories than you eat, if you burnt 1000cals per day, you have to eat less, just make sure what you eat is natural and full of fibers and proteins and all the other important ingredients.
There are plenty of trainings available, you can lift weights, run, swim, doing cardio, you can also train at your home doing push ups and abs exercises, the thing is you have to let your muscles tired and sore, and surely the results will come through consistency and commitment to your fixed goals.


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