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How to be Confident in Work and School

Updated on May 31, 2014
Improving your confidence can help you to move forward and go farther.
Improving your confidence can help you to move forward and go farther. | Source

What is confidence?

Confidence is not a virtue, it is just a state of mind that makes you believe that everything is possible and anything you want can be accomplished by you. It is the positive feeling which makes you feel good and change the atmosphere at that moment.

You can see many confident people around you. They have this strong feeling around others, at work or with guys they are dealing. You can also experience this strong and positive feeling in yourself about any situation, task, person or even an emotion.

Do you lack confidence?

People who are not able to present or express their ideas to others lack confidence. It’s very common among teenagers. They are not confident about anything or about themselves at some state of life.

Often, teens feel bad about their own ideas and lack the guts to gather their strength and stand for their ideas. They get easily influenced by others too. Here is how you can build up your confidence at school or in other situations that require some confidence.

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How to be Confident in School

  • Believe in yourself- the first thing is you have to trust yourself. If you cannot trust yourself then it would be very difficult for you to be confident about your work.
  • Stay strong- You have to be strong in the school and face all the challenges which come across you.
  • Speak up- you should always speak your mind and interact with the other classmates. It will help you in building self-confidence. Don’t be afraid of being wrong, we all are.
  • Activities- you should take part in all the activities of the school and learn new things. Staying at home doing nothing will further perpetuate your low confidence. Interacting with others and realizing that people aren't as judgmental about you as you are will be a good step in the right direction.

It's time to take control of your life and learn to have the confidence you rightfully deserve. No more hiding.
It's time to take control of your life and learn to have the confidence you rightfully deserve. No more hiding. | Source

You have to be bold and take a stand for yourself to build confidence at school. At the work place, it is so difficult to speak up and build confidence. You will get your confidence back and will be able to face any problem in the office by following these tips.

How to be More Confident at Work:

  • Know what you want from others- No one is perfect. You have to become strong and bold to ask others about the things which you need.
  • Positive nature- always deal everything with the positive attitude. This will help you in building confidence at work place.
  • Communication- you should be clear in your thoughts while communicating with others. A good communication tells others how confident a person is. You should focus on developing your communication skills. Try different methods of communication and especially one on one communication.
  • Challenges- always try to do something different and accept the new challenges in your life. It will help you in developing your skills and building your confidence.

Amy Cuddy TED Talk: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are-- A MUST WATCH!

An Excellent Resource on Becoming Confident and Loving Yourself

Final tips to increase confidence

Become more observant - Confident individuals are comfortable in the work or activities that they do. This is because they have practiced being observant. When you're observant, you take in the details of your surroundings and of the people you interact with.

Paying attention more will help you better access situations and you will become more confident in the actions you take- whether it's in your work, or in regards to communicating with people or in any social situation.

Being observant is a great skill to have. Try taking an art class, learning some new dance moves from Youtube or keeping a journal to practice your observance skills. This tip is going to help you the most.

Check out Psychology Today's article on Becoming A Great Observer.

Fake it 'til you make it - One final psychological hack for all, just fake it till you make it. If you even learn to fake confidence, you will get it soon.

Of course, the goal in this is not to pretend you're happy and mindlessly go about your day faking happiness. This is a way to trick yourself enough where you are convinced you are happy. Here's a quote that sums it up (and no it wasn't said by "Buddha"):

"What you think, you become."

-Author unknown


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