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How to be More Productive (Right Now!)

Updated on May 22, 2014

How to be More Productive in Life, Work, College and More

Maintaining a good work life balance is a tough task in this competitive world. However, being productive at work is essential to make sure that you meet deadlines and make fun as a part of work..

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1. Prioritize

One way to be more productive is to prioritize work and make sure that you understand what work is of low priority and what work needs urgent attention and is of high priority. Segregating work makes work easier.

On the same lines, one should maintain schedules and a day plan in order to ensure that he/she does not forget meetings, remember to send important mails and meet deadlines. Meeting deadlines at work improves productivity and morale of others as well as encourages a person to work better.

2. Take breaks

Another factor that helps improving productivity is making sure that you take timely breaks. A break of 5 minutes in every hour makes sure that your body is in movement and breaks the fatigue that is caused during work.

A simple walk or a small interaction with others in the office makes sure that you remain happy at work.

3. Do Not Multi-task

As much as people love working, many people are not good at multi-tasking. It is better to not multi-task and be more productive at work. Multi-tasking reduces productivity and creates confusion.

If you’re a planner and a person who believes in systematic work, create an end of the day plan to make sure that you know what to do on the next day. It helps you to plan better and make sure that you create timely plans.


3. Practice Time-Management

While planning too, make sure that you keep a proper buffer time and make plans as few plans may not work out and others may get delayed. Keeping a very tight plan reduces flexibility and makes work more stressful.

To tackle the problem of handling many meetings at work, keep reminders on the phone as well as mail in order to make sure that your plans are confirmed time and again with your written schedule. One can also look out for backups in case of cancellation of a meeting.

4. Do work in intervals

Breaking up your work into manageable chunks will allow you to give more focused and direct attention to the task at hand.

By skipping this step (chunking your work), your productivity will greatly decrease. Why?

  • You'll feel overwhelmed and scattered
  • You'll begin your tasks with low focus
  • Your focus will decrease as time goes on and you'll start to feel hopeless
  • Your chances of quitting greatly increases

Chunking your work increases productivity.

5. Practice

Simply implementing tips and tricks to increase productivity and doing this continually will teach you to get your work done faster.

This is the best way to increase productivity- to practice and practice increasing the amount of work you get done and managing your time well (without making yourself crazy!).


6. Be realistic

Do not give yourself too much to do in your allotted time. Becoming more productive overall should be approached in a manageable way, in small steps. Be nice to yourself by being realistic. Do not set yourself up for disappointment because this will discourage you from making the extra effort to be very productive the next time.

By setting realistic goals that you'll actually be able to complete, your confidence levels will improve giving you that extra oomph for the next set of tasks. By setting yourself up for disaster, you'll put unnecessary stress on yourself which will be very detrimental to your productivity in the long run.

7. Know when to say no

This goes along with step #6. You have to learn to make decisions and not linger for too long. Learning to say no to tasks and projects that you, for one reason or another, do no think you can or should do, then say no.

Improve your productivity by reducing your stress and reducing the amount of stressful situations you'll be in.

The Pomodoro Technique

Other Productivity Resources:

If you own a mobile device, there are plenty of apps to help you organize and manage your projects and work. If productivity is a concern and you own a phone, finding productivity apps is a must.

Why not look for helpful and resourceful tools to make you more efficient and organized? PC Mag has developed an awesome list of productivity apps.

There are also different techniques that you can look into. The Pomodoro Technique is an excellent time-management practice that will give you drive, focus and motivation to finish your tasks. Check out the Pomodoro Technique video at the side for more info.


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    mariexotoni 3 years ago

    Thanks word55 & ChitrangadaSharan- I appreciate you stopping by to comment! :)

  • word55 profile image

    Word 3 years ago from Chicago

    Thanks mariexotoni, I agree with these great tips for being productive. You have it well together.

  • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

    Chitrangada Sharan 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

    These are great tips to be more productive! Some very practical advice!

    Thanks for sharing, voted up and shared on HP!

  • Victoria Lynn profile image

    Victoria Lynn 3 years ago from Arkansas, USA

    All great tips! Voted up and more. It's keeping a set schedule that I have to really focus on!