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How to be better on exams naturally.

Updated on November 27, 2012
Ready for exams?
Ready for exams? | Source

A student always forgets what he learned without practice. Also, after exams, when the battle is over - the student drops his edge and goes to the pub to celebrate.

Until the next exam.

Then the battle starts over - you gather books and lessons and try to memorize them all.


You barely sleep and eat and just ignore the fact - good night sleep and balanced food will actually help you.

Many young people just grab a sandwich or pizza and go to study. Also - few bags of bad carbs to snack on, when the night prevails and the stomach starts gurgling.

The next day - somehow the student feels drained, weak, fatigued and exactly during the exam - memory fails. Brain needs a specific food and good sleep to recover and learn more things. It is a simple bio chemistry - if you want it to soak data and keep it there - you need to provide the glue that will stick it there.

Here are some common myths students "know":

Chocolate helps brain function.

Yes and NO!

Glucose really feeds the brain but it is much easier to get it from raw fruits rather than complex carbs and fat. Best choice is grapes and apples.

Milk chokolate will give small, short and unhealthy boost - if you have a habit to study with chokolate - stick with dark ones - 70% cocoa (or more).

Coffee? You don't need more than 1-2.
Coffee? You don't need more than 1-2. | Source

Coffee, soda and energy drinks.

It is okay to have a small jolt of awareness and focus. Abusing them on the other hand is bad - you become irritable and jumpy - get aggressive and start to combat the lessons instead of practicing and mastering. You win 1 hour to study but with a bad price. You have 24 hours per day - no less, no more. So organize your daily plan instead of cheating at night.

Canned food is unhealthy.

LOL, WUT?! Who told you this?

Try tuna, sardines or salmon. With a slice of full grain bread.

You are probably still eating what your mom cooks, but when she is not around, you don't cook yourself a healthy meal. Canned fish is perfect for brain food (Omega 3 fatty acids). So - not all canned food is bad.


Two important rules while studying for exams:

Stay hydrated!

Brain needs fluids to absorb glucose normally. You will feel much easier to focus and less prone to headache. Best solutions are mineral water, green tea, fresh juices mixed with mineral water.

If you don't have mineral water, try boiling and cooling tap water (it is much cleaner that way - no fluorine/chlorine).

Vitamin B

While studying for exams you will need the whole spectrum of vitamin B.

Vitamin B2 in yogurt with cereal (granola). Rice. Whole grain bread. Fish, eggs and meat will give you vitamin B12 and keep you satiated.


Need quick results?

Cumin and other seeds.
Cumin and other seeds. | Source

Cumin tea.

Pour a cup of boiling water on 2 teaspoons of cumin seeds and let it rest covered for 20 minutes.

This tea has rather strong taste and aroma, but the oils in the seed are very strong brain stimulator. Drink the cup 20 minutes before the exam and you will feel the difference. You will be more bright and creative and even if you don't know some exact answer - your brain will figure it out.


When you need to memorize a lot of data, use a trick film actors do.

While studying, chew bits of pine apple. It helps the brain and also, there is a trick - your brain reads MUCH faster when your mouth is busy chewing. Otherwise your brain reads with exactly the same speed you normally talk.

Foreign languages?

If you need to master it - practice with native speaker - that's the best way. If you need quick results - eat citrus fruits. Citric and ascorbic acids (vitamin C) will help your study a bit. You still need practice though.

Fatigue and irritability.

Eat raw onions. Either in salad or if you can tolerate the strong taste - diced with a bit of olive oil and salt. Just not exactly before exam :) This spicy vegetable dillutes the blood and helps the cell absorb glucose. It is also good to enrich the brain with oxygen.

So - eat one onion each day and you will feel difference.

Brain salad.

Not as bad as it sound, but still a salad:

Grate carrots and mix with raisins and crushed walnuts.

Dress with virgin olive oil (cold pressed).

This salad is very good breakfast before exams. It helps cognitive abilities of the brain and keeps you aware.

There are also some natural(-ish) products to enchance brain function and combat fatigue.

They mainly consist of arginine, an amino acid normally produced in the body, but when you deprive yourself of food and sleep - you need to get some externally.

Normally your body will replenish it from meats, poultry, dairy, fish and eggs, but if you can't wait and need more power now - buy some arginine to recover from fatigue faster.


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    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 5 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Chitrangada Sharan, thank you for reading.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Very nice and useful hub. It is definitely going to benefit students and others who have to do more mental work.

      Thanks for sharing.