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How to be happy again

Updated on March 6, 2014

Happiness is not the best friend

I shall first outline some fundamental facts which are necessary if one needs to understand the methodology by which the happiness is gained.

Happiness, as the heading says, will not always be with you. There are moments when you cannot prevent but weep or be sad. Indeed, we are human beings and god has lavished us with all kind of emotions and hence it is obvious that at different instants of our life we,according to the circumstances, get happy or sad.This is life and it`s of wavy nature. Sometimes you become happy and sometimes you lament. But how can one be truly happy if he has not seen the face of sorrow. So if somebody confidently and arrogantly says to you that he is always cool and he never takes tension, then I assure that he is telling lie. Yes, it is possible that somebody takes very less time to be normal again and somebody needs more time. I have seen the cases when I was very strong by my conscience and my allies were weak but there were also moments when I was sad but my friends were perfectly normal.

The second thing that you need is the courage. It is very important thing. See some times we continue to regret about our past deeds and this leads to further weakening of our dint. You should never try to tumble on what you stand. What I mean to say is that you should not continuously regret about your past deeds. Why should one ? Nobody has still invented the time machine and hence it`s completely useless to get mad about things done in the past since they cannot be undone.

These are the two prerequisites from my side and if you think that you can manage these above two qualities then I assure you that reading my hub further would be of great assistance to you.

Happy and Surprised

A surprised and cheerful woman.
A surprised and cheerful woman. | Source

Every one has got a best friend inside him

I would tell you one of the greatest secret that might be of prime importance to you. You have got one friend inside you. All you need is to make yourself friend of him. Of course! you are the one who has to take the initiative. He always sleeps until you go and wake him up. The words written before may seem puzzling to you but they are correct as air around you.

When I crossed my teens(I ,from my childhood, am introvert ) I needed someone to whom I may confide my every thing and someone on whom I may spill all my anger. Of course! I could not do it on any of my friend since the fault was mine. So I began talking to myself in loneliness. I soon found that while talking to myself I could discuss my every problem with myself and I felt very light. And the best part was that the new friend which I found never interrupted me and he heeded my every advice.

While the above paragraphs may not be very transparent to you since it`s my case but I urge you try this. Once you do that conversation with yourself is a great means of killing hopelessness and frustration. Once the frustration is driven out, you can be relaxed and happy that finally you are normal again.

Happiest Moment

When are you, in a day, happiest ?

See results

Sorrow has very powerful companions

This is very important point that you should remember. Sorrow is very powerful not because of himself alone but because he has very powerful mates. Okay I will simplify the above for you. What I meant to say is that once you get sad you immediately try to divert your mind. In case when the emotions are very powerful I know at that time it is almost impossible to divert your mind . But, for your respite it is not necessary too. When the emotions are very powerful it is advisable that you weep and let them out.

But there are instances when we become sad in certain cases which apparently has no reason and hence at that moment we must take care of our thoughts. Okay let me solidify with the help of an example. Suppose, you are very honest with someone and you have a date(professional or personal that`s entirely acceptable) with him/her. The person of your interest waits for you but due to some conditions out of your bounds you were not able to meet him/her. Now, as I said, if you care for that person who missed rendezvous with you, you are surely going to feel sorry for what happened. But take it easy man, that was not your fault, what you could do!

Now, the ones who are introvert, begin to take the matter seriously and think. And this is the inception of the great quagmire of sorrow. You become sad and then more you think and more lamenting thoughts come into your mind. And soon, if you are not vivacious, you begin to get trapped in the world of sorrow. And here is the crux of this heading. Once you become sad for some reason, your mind attracts more emotional thoughts and hence you further become sad. And this is why I said that "Sorrow has very powerful companions."

True Happiness

A man who accomplishes his goal is always happy.
A man who accomplishes his goal is always happy. | Source

Some habits to bring happiness

  • When you are sad you go and help somebody if he needs you. There are two benefits: He will be happy and help you when your turn comes in future. The second is the fact that your time will not be wasted in thinking absurd and detrimental thoughts and even you will be happy after you see him satisfied and happy.
  • Merge yourself with your friends. When you avoid loneliness the sorrow is dispelled.

Acceptance is the Mark of Courage

What is courage ? There are hundreds of definitions that you may find once you type the word in Google search column. I will give you a very simple definition which is concerned with your interest. "To accept your mistakes and your past follies is courage". As I said earlier what is done in the past cannot be undone so why you should sneak ? Remember ! you can cheat whole world but not your conscience. Hence you should be willing to accept the things that you did in past.

When you are in sorrow, I repeat sorrow is very powerful because of it`s mates, it happens that things from past suddenly spring in your mind and disturb you. The best way to handle them is to say to yourself,"Yes, I was the one who did this but repeating it again and again is never a sign of rationale. But I assure that I will not repeat that thing in future". As soon as you do this you feel more energetic and you see that now you have become more stronger then you were.

Ingredients to pursue happy life

Serial no.
Keeps you fresh and light
Hard Work
Keeps you busy and involved
Shares your burden
Instills wisdom
A necessity to pursue above things
These are some basic traits which, when induced, work wonders for a human being.

An Inspirational Song from Bollywood

Cut down the habit of excess thinking

I will start with a classic quote that my teacher passed to me : "Excess of any thing is dangerous". Every word of the proverb is worth weight in gold. Thinking is a process which is inevitable part of a human life. In fact it is due to this wonderful faculty that we human beings are superior to other creatures that god has made.

Thinking should always be directed to the necessary things. This is very precious resource that god has lavished us with. We should never waste it on the things which bring trouble. Example of excess thinking can be described forth. A preparing student worries too much about his result and performance in exam. This is an example of excess thinking. A normal man understands that what is the use of thinking the futile stuff such as worrying about the results and performance. But the ones who are down by their morale and worried cannot discriminate that the excess thinking in no way is going to be helpful to them.

There are many parts of life in which we don`t have to be very participating. Why should we when we know that things are not in our hands. The best attitude towards this kind of stuff is that you leave the matter in the hands of God and do not worry. There is very wonderful verse written by the great poet Tulsidas.

"Tulsi bharose Ram ke nirbhay hoke soye

Anhoni hoti nahi, honi ho so hoye."

Meaning:- (Tulsi trusting the Ram(his god) sleeps without any fear, mishaps never happen and the ones which are to happen, let them.)

Suppose take again the example taken previously, what should a student do when his exams come ? My advice is that you study and study with all your effort and concentration since this is the only thing in your hand. Nor the complexity level of your question paper nor the result is in your hand.

A subtle smile reduces sadness

A cheerful girl at motorshow
A cheerful girl at motorshow | Source

The power of Internet

Internet, I believe, is the most versatile inventions of mankind. It can be helpful in many ways and indeed it can work wonders. You are reading my hub because of Internet. Okay, that`s enough for the praise of Internet.

When you become sad and then you should immediately try to visit sites which entertain. The ones having jokes are very helpful. Once you laugh whole-heartedly the things become normal again and you get refreshed. You find that suddenly your frustration has fled away and you are happy again.

You can also play games if you like and do things whatever you like most. When you do the things you like most then the best happens; your mind is filled with vibrating thoughts and sickening feelings are driven out.

I, when I get frustrated or sad, I watch movies which are very funny. If you like watching comedy and movies like it, do watch them when you are tensed. The other benefit that you get is you save your Internet data.

Get busy , get happiness

"An empty mind is residence of devil". And where the devil resides there can never be happiness. I advise that you should keep your mind occupied. The occupied mind has many advantages.

  • If you are an aspirant you do not lose your precious time since you are focused on your aim. Remember time is the most precious thing and frustration is it`s biggest thief. Hence you must learn to remain occupied.
  • If you have mastered in this art, then you hardly have time for dummy and useless things which are mostly cause of sorrow.
  • An occupied mind also teaches one the difference between a objective thinking and rambling.
  • An occupied mind gives one a very sense of satisfaction and where there is fulfillment how can there be grief!

Now, most of the readers might be asking to themselves. How can I get my mind occupied with my aim. There are many ways. The first one and the most effective one is that you must obsess yourself with your aim. An obsession has very powerful energy associated with it. To get obsessed with any thing attach yourself emotionally with it. Think of it every time you get a chance to do so. As you fill your mind you will see that you are subconsciously attracted to your desired goal. I have written a similar article you can go, for further readings on inspiration, here.


I have finally completed and described what I wanted but I would like to apprise my readers that only reading cannot help them. Once you have got the points you must be willing to implement them else nothing is going to change. Remember falling is very easy. Sometimes we know that there is no need to worry but we still do because it takes effort to move out of sorrow and the quagmire that one has incidentally created. Sometimes we did not want to do something and find sorrow as an alibi but one must check this habit.Though I have taken a great care in insuring that my hub is almost flawless but it is possible that some errors might have been left unnoticed hence I would be happy if somebody finds a mistake, let that be of any sort, since nothing is perfect but it can be improved.

Wishing you all happiness


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      Ashutosh Tiwari 4 years ago from Lucknow, India

      Thanks for your endorsement


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      Ryem 4 years ago from Maryland

      Ravi, this is a great informative hub. Thanks for sharing!

    • ravi1991 profile image

      Ashutosh Tiwari 4 years ago from Lucknow, India

      @tammyfrost thank you :)

    • tammyfrost profile image

      Tammy Frost 4 years ago from Oregon

      Nice... Cant believe there are no comments yet. Happiness is what you bring onto your self. Be positive and happy :)