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How to be mindful, relaxed, calm & aware in 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

Updated on March 25, 2016


The Aims and objectives of this 'Hub' is to provide awareness and promote the choice of an holistic science based therapy and treatment protocol. This was first introduced to NHS substance misuse services at the end of 1999 by Street Talk. This was further developed, researched and refined in many ways by Nick Segal over a period of 15 years. The therapy and treatment this hub will discuss evolved from E.S.T. (Electro Stimulation Therapy) and is also known as 'Black Box' within the substance misuse community.


There has been some misunderstandings and controversies coming from hearsay and the names used to describe this form of treatment in the past. Whereby, one persons understanding and concept of What Black Box and or EST is, and what it does, can sometimes be nothing like and far from the reality of what Acu-Stim or Pulse Therapy is and what it can do.

This form of treatment is beneficial for people suffering from any type of emotional well being difficulty. It's benefits increasing directly in proportion to it's availability, especially so if made available on a par with other mainstream accepted treatments. Treatments such as prescribing anti depressant drugs , other pharmacological prescribed treatments and all forms of psychotherapy and counselling.

Acu-Stim Pulse Therapy, is TENS (see video below) with a difference. The difference being three fold. (i) The use of very gentle electrical pulses to stimulate (ii) acupressure points in the first instance, then (iii) different speeds of the pulse are used to alter consciousness states on a neuronal, brain cell level. This therapy works well and effectively, (see evidence based treatments) and can be used safely and efficiently, as a primary treatment, for drug withdrawal symptoms from chemical dependence, use, or misuse. As well as being complimentary to traditional drug and mental health treatment interventions.

Therefore, by offering individuals the choice of this form of non-invasive, non addictive and without negative side effects therapy, will help to improve conditions in everyone’s life exponentially.

This piece of writting is my attempt at being concise enough, yet understandable to a wide readership from all walks of life. However, the formidable task has always been to describe adequately enough a complex subject, in such a way to bring about understanding of this excellent form of therapy in words of text, when all one needs is to experience one treatment first hand to know it well. All of these words attempting to open a door to a fully integrated care pathway, hopefully culminating in a safer recovery journey with more choices to help our fellow humans who are still suffering, whatever the ism, illness or symptoms presented are called, or labelled in the past present or future.

Therefore, when taking into consideration the above information, and then adding some professional marketing, this will most likely produce greater opportunities for more people to either abstain from, or reduce the harm caused by their lifestyle, drug use, chemical dependency, or addiction, prescribed or not, now or in the future.

Furthermore, Acu-Pulse offers medical prescriber’s working in this challenging field, another useful tool to reduce the harm, risks and dangers of over prescribing in the 21st century and beyond.

In a nut shell, Acu-Pulse in all its glory provides a mindfulness based, natural holistic, technologically advanced way of treating any and all emotional well being difficulties. Or it can just as easily be used as preventative medicine, in the form of a daily meditative and mindfulness based practice.

What Is Tens?

What is Acu Pulse ? & How does it work ?

Acu-Pulse is a mindfulness based therapy that can induce instant meditative states, increase your Energy, help you Sleep better, and at the same time relieve Stress, Anxiety and Depression.
The treatment helps improve mental clarity by removing brain fog.
Ultimately bringing about Homoeostasis.

This therapeutic tool has been academically referenced as Acu-Point Electrical Stimulation and Electrical Stimulation Therapy, to name only two. The statement 'Electricity is the Language of the brain and body' Is true. In other words , minute electrical pulses is the way different parts of our physical bodily system communicates with each other.

Our brains and bodies are powered by electrical impulses through our nervous systems and the heart.

Once trained in the use of this, Acu-Pulse Therapy can be used as a safe and simple form of treatment in many different ways.

The delivery equipment is simply an approved TENS machine that is used to deliver gentle pulses in a certain way through the body’s Acu- Points, along the meridian system to stimulate the productions of natural brain chemicals, which form part of the body’s natural defences that deal with stress relief and healing.

Acu –Pulse treatment is ‘like’, acupuncture, but without the needles.

Usually, a few points on one ear are stimulated for a few seconds each, then a self stick pad / electrode is placed on one or two master acupuncture points on the body. You then lie down and relax for half an hour and feel gentle healing pulses.

Each treatment building on the effects of the previous one.

Simply put; Fast Pulses help lift your mood up, like a natural Anti-Depressant, while at the same time Slower Pulses induce deep states of calm and relaxation, releasing the body’s own natural sedatives, endorphins (the morphine within)

One treatment is good, with a course of treatments being more beneficial in the long term.

Acu-Pulse also reduces the severity and length of withdrawal symptoms left over from past or present substance misuse, conditioning, traumas, emotional and physical well being difficulties.

Acu-Pulse can also be thought of as a detoxification and relaxation therapy, helping reduce the symptoms of severe stress and cravings,,with this treatment helping to dissolve and gently remove things like, stressful negatives, i.e. Emotions, Thoughts and Feelings. Including Physical aches and pains.
By, Nick Segal. BSc. Psych. Tel: 07999 173 731

The Evidence History & Background

This type of treatment is far from new, as it is possible to research back to ancient times and discover cave drawings, and ancient texts where electrical stimulation of the human body has been used as a therapeutic tool to relieve pain and suffering. Whether using electrical eel fish, clay batteries, or more modern electrical simulators.

In an experiment, Hans et al (1991) used serial samples of cerebral spinal fluid taken from human volunteers, and found that different kinds of neuropeptides (brain chemicals) can be released into the central nervous system.

This effect was produced by simply changing the pulsed frequency or speed of electrical stimulation.

Support for this also comes from earlier studies by Wang et al (1922) using TENS needle-less acupuncture at all frequencies to produce an Acupuncture effect after a specific time.

According to research the optimum length of time for each pulsed treatment of Acu-Stim. is 30 minutes. This is due to the fact that after this time the production of neurotransmitters begins to be used up. Robinson (1999)

It is also more beneficial to have a number of treatments timed for half an hour each. This Allows the treatment time to work, and gives the bodies own system time to adjust, as well as balance itself naturally. Equilibrium or Homoeostasis can thus be reached naturally.

More supporting evidence comes from client treatment outcomes and testimonials from the people and services Nick has been training and treating in this powerful yet simple life enhancing treatment.

Below is a picture and article that was published in the Manchester Evening News Newspaper.

Testimonials from Canada 2015

"Acu Stim fine tunes the nervous system and heightens awareness and concentration. It brings you to a state of deep relaxation. As a concert artist it has been very helpful in fine tuning me for performance on stage. Nick is well practised in the use of Acu Stim and has a kind and healing presence."

Andrew Brown
Principal Violist
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

" Acu Stim helps bring my body into balance. I particularly love how it clears my head. I feel fine tuned and in balance after each treatment. Nick is wonderful to work with. So calm and caring. "

Birgit Holm

Mortgage Alliance

Vancouver, B.C.

The picture below is Nick delivering a treatment at the Chrysalis Project in Manchester U.K.

Treatments in the Community
Treatments in the Community | Source

A personal insight and disclosure about Nick Segal

Creator of Acu-Stim Treatment & Training. Provider of health & well-being services. Addiction/Dependence Specialist.

At school he was classed as not very bright, "slow", "a bit of a tortoise", " shy, quiet and reserved". Were some of the phrases used to describe him. He could not spell or add up very well and struggled to tie his shoe laces. Today's education system would pick this up and most likely give a diagnosis of dyslexia and low level autism. One day the Army recruitment service turned up and turned his head with the lure of "driving big boys toys", travel and the offer of five times the wages an apprentice mechanic was getting at the time.

School had been a nightmare for him, so this naive sixteen year old took the bait and joined up. Five years later his military contract was up. Honourably discharged with un diagnosed Alcoholism and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a twenty one year old, trained soldier, disillusioned alcoholic, who could not fit in with the everyday world of civi street.

It wasn't until 1998, finding himself, hopeless and homeless on the streets of Manchester that his life took a dramatic change. After a series of synchronism’s, and coincidences he met the Tramp, who used to say "please don't believe me, I could be the biggest liar you ever met, check it". It was that coincidental meeting on that day way back then, that changed his life forever. "The tramp, will always be held in my mind with the greatest of respect and esteem, for his magnitude of compassion, empathy and wisdom. And the kindness he showed towards those in need, always willing to walk the extra mile". "Also known as Eric, which he said stood for Every Rule In Christ".

Today, Nicholas Jack Segal BSc (hon) is a trained and qualified Addictions Psychologist, Acu Pulse instructor and therapist. With 15 years experience working with addictions, marginalised individuals and groups, he describes himself as a humanitarian, libertarian, non religionist, non partisan, peaceful native inhabitant. Who believes we all have a unique and divine purpose to for fill here on planet earth. "No matter where we may find ourselves, or what condition we are in there is meaning and purpose to your life, it's just waiting to be discovered, as life is a mystery to be lived", we just haven't all found it yet".

Nick believes that our purpose is to improve conditions where ever we may find ourselves, one small action step at a time, and to leave behind a better place to live for those that follow after we move on. Spreading as much love and compassion that we can find for all our fellow humans. He says " when I've felt on my own and under attack, these words of a great teacher have helped immensely "they know not what they do". And "this too shall pass".

Nick has recently returned to Southport from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada where he was delivering a mindfulness based, self help workshop on Acu Pulse, with private therapy sessions for emotional well being. Whereby, a very happy and successful outcome was achieved.

He says the initial reason he came back to Southport was to make sure his ailing 79 year old mother who had a stroke is receiving the best possible care he was able to find for her. "That's another long story".

At the beginning of January this year 2016 he sought out a 12 step meeting one Saturday night, for comfort, connection and understanding. He states, "As anyone who has been, or is, a carer, no matter how mature, knowledgeable or experienced you may be; when caring for a family member one discovers quickly a whole load of unfinished business from the past, with its own unique set of stressors". "Therefore, it's of paramount importance to care for and keep your self in good condition physically and psychologically to enable you to carry on caring for others".

To cut a long story short, he is now in Southport to relaunch and present his Acu Pulse treatment and training, a state of the art health and well-being therapy He pioneered in Manchester.

'Acu-Stim', evolved into an evidence based, accredited training course to relieve suffering and remove withdrawal symptoms without medications. During that time he trained over 200 health care and substance misuse professionals, volunteers and service users; from all over the U.K. Ireland and Canada.

This all began for him as an alternative choice to medicated hospitalisation or rehabilitation in a psychiatric ward recovering from the symptoms of PTSD, a severe anxiety disorder. He is most passionate about standing up against any form of oppression and miscarriages of justice, especially towards "the homeless, marginalised, stigmatised, prejudiced, misunderstood, discriminated against, the afflicted and the addicted"; who he says he does have a biased affinity with because of his own past experiences within those realms.

"Given the choice, would you like to swap your drugs and alcohol for pharmaceutical drugs, Or Do something completely different ? That is, try a totally natural safe and powerful treatment, that can dissolve all the symptoms of withdrawal and bring about homoeostasis and a warm happy, smiling sense of contentment and well-being.

Remember ..... a good definition of insanity is " doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

When you contact Nick, let him know you you found out about him on you will be able to book a free taster session with him upstairs at Natural Remedies on Market Street, Southport. Or sign up for a place on his next training course.

NHS offers Natural Holistic Treatments !

If available as a choice between Anti Depressants and Acu - Pulse, which would you choose for you and your family?

See results

Electric Fish were used in ancient times to treat human disorders

Evidence has been found that ancient civilisations, such as those in Egypt and Greece, were using electricity from natural sources long before Edison and even Tesla.
Evidence has been found that ancient civilisations, such as those in Egypt and Greece, were using electricity from natural sources long before Edison and even Tesla. | Source

Advanced Technological Applications

Acu-Pulse, by Nick Segal has many future applications, one such application, that is a current and a growing concern in the field of mental health is; 'The growing numbers of teenagers on Anti-depressants'.

This is also where prescribing is either not the first choice of the customer, or it would not be wise to prescribe drugs in that instance. Instances such as depression, especially if accompanied by suicidal ideation, where a complete Acu-Pulse Therapy and treatment regime would be implemented to address the cause as well as the symptoms of the illness.

Furthermore, Nick Segal worked with Anthony Mellor from Neurospectrum LTD developing and piloting I.C.M.E. pronounced I see me, which stands for Inner Contextual Mindful Emotions which is now available as an APP on ios backed by Apple,

ICME is used as an assessment and counselling tool while Acu-Pulse does its job of altering consciousness and neuro transmitter production at a cellular level.

That said the Psycho Social component in I.C.M.E. also produces this effect anecdotally as Randomised Controlled trials of I.C.M.E. have not been carried out as yet.

What we do have though, is the evidence from the peoples mouths and how it has changed their lives for the better.

Below is a transcript of a Client's Testimonial from a statutory drug service

When I first heard of this treatment I was very sceptical.

But I thought I would give it a try, , My life was in a mess and was addicted to prescribed morphine based pain killers, which I had been on for 20 years, I would take anything in the end to get some relief from this hell... I was constipated and stoned most of the time. Each time I tried to stop I was sweating and shaking , vomiting and diarrhoea.

After a month of treatments I stopped the pain killers all together, my confidence returned, I got a job I love and now I have treatments once a week.

The best thing ever, people should be told about this, it saves lives.

Anonymous client at the piper project NHS drug service Manchester

A Psychiatrists perspective on Anti Depressants

Some points to remember

  • Acu-Pulse is a natural way to enhance emotional wellbeing
  • Reduces Cravings
  • Brings about a healthy meditative state
  • Helps reduce withdrawal symptons
  • Do your own research
  • Ask for alternatives
  • Use this Hub to support your evidence

Auricular AcuPulse Therapy

Stimulation of Acupuncture Points triggers a neurological response
Stimulation of Acupuncture Points triggers a neurological response | Source

A quick summary

What we have here is a complete package that can be used simply and safely to aleviate a lot of pain and suffereing without using chemical substances.

Acu-Pulse therapy can be used as a self help tool, as well as a method to help others

Also with the full training, organisations and groups can use this therapy to improve the lives of their community.


Please do not hesitate to contact the author about anything that comes up for you after reading this article.

There are no obligations, and all your enquiries will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

You are urged to do your own research with due diligenge.

The author is always greatful for your feedback, thank you.


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    • Care-E-Gen profile imageAUTHOR

      Nicholas Jack Segal 

      2 years ago from England , British Islands

      Thank you hub pages for taking the time to review this paper.

      Much appreciated, Nick Segal


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