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How to beat Anxiety

Updated on September 13, 2011

Peaceful Mind Pictures

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Finding Inner Peace

I make no claim to be an expert psychologist or a proefssional of mental health studies. What I want to share is a part of my story about how I have reduced my stress level and gotten better health over the last five years.

If you ever feel like you are stressed about life and things never go your way, your emotions are raging inside and you are not sure what is the right path, then you may want to continue reading. I remember feeling this way at one point in my life. I call those days the dark times. They have been so removed from my mind that now when I look back I revist them to help others who are in their own dark times.

I do not remember when but one day I hit a low point and man I really wanted to just move on from this world and go to the next. I was forced to look in the mirror and remember who I am. I did not know exactly what to do at that point so I did what came natural, I went searching. I went searching for God, seriously. I revisited Christian Science, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Egyptology, and a few others. I found good in all of them, however, I still felt that I was missing something. Then one day, I happened to run into a Devotee, or servant of Visnu/Krsna. This person invited me to an International Society of Krsna Consciousness temple. I was inqusitive so I went with an open mind. I have to admit it was very different so I havd to take time to think about the expierence. What I do remember from my first visit is I sat in the back of the temple room and I heard the singer/chanter singing the Maha Mantra Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare. The lady who was chanting put my mind at ease.

Over the next few years I visited sparingly because I did not want to get sucked into something I did not understand. I knew right away I liked chanting because it is peaceful and that is what I needed. I still wanted to see if there was better because I wanted to be absolutely sure before I invested my time with the Devotees. I found other places that chanted different mantras and different practices. I will admit that there are other mantras that I do like, however, for me personally the effect of the maha mantra with what I am looking for peace.

Now back to how to beat anxiety, the answer is to Chant the maha mantra. I practice this when I am work, you know on those days when bosses, coworker, customer, etc are testing you patience. I definitely chant when I am nervous, to bring me back to a calm. I chant when I am happy and chanting it increases my happiness. The last two years I have been chanting while running and performing cardio activities and it work, my endurance is greater because of the constant exchange of oxygen expanding my lungs. My mind is more at ease when running long distances, and if I chant faster I usually run faster.

My stress level has decreased, my tolerance level has increased. I have improved my mental and emotional control to the point where it is much easier to remain calm in pressure situations. Now that was the first thing that I learned that worked.

The second thing that worked was becoming a vegetarian. I was a big meat eater and I wanted to quit because I thought that if I did not need to kill the animals to eat them then I should not do that if I could find a better way. I tried on my own and failed. My friends from ISKCON who are Jane vegetarians helped me tremendously, and now six plus years later I am still a vegetarian. First I was nervous that I would shrink into nothingness because I am thin by nature, but with good friends I have learned so much and am able to sustain myself on a vegetarian diet. The recommendation is to consider what you put in your body because the products that a person intakes will have physical as well as psychological effects on the person.

The third lesson I learned that I will share is to make sure to have at least two outlets. holding in negative emotions is detrimental to your health. I took up Karate, cardio, and running as my physical outlets. I joined a dojo and have made wonderful friends who add a different dimension to my life. More people with different experiences who could assist me along the path. It is important to have these outlets, but they must be stable and trustworthy.

I could elaborate more on all three, however, it is bed time so I have to sum up this particular hub. First liberate the mind by chanting, i.e positive input for the mind. Second, eat properly i.e positive input for the body. Third engage in positive activity, i.e positive physical out put with association. Remember there must be consistency and stability associated with all three for this to assist a person with eliminating anxiety out of their life.

Best wishes.


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    • Darrell Roberts profile image

      Darrell Roberts 5 years ago

      Thank you for your comment Electro-Denizen, I wish you the best.

    • Electro-Denizen profile image

      Charles 5 years ago from Wales, UK

      Thanks for sharing, interesting hub. I've never felt drawn to the Hare Krishna path, but I understand its value and teachings.

      I understand your original quandary about going veggie all those years ago. It's been 20 years for me now, and I understand fully now the way we've been trained to see the world incorrectly. It's not really what we put into our bodies that keeps as alive, but what our body is able to eliminate with ease... which in itself leads to curious questions about food.

      I've been trying to simplify my life more and more again recently and take inspiration from reading things like this.