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Online Drum Music that Changes Your Mood

Updated on September 28, 2015
Warrior by John Stanley
Warrior by John Stanley | Source


The links below are not affiliate links. I am not endorsing any of these websites given below. I will not earn any reward or money from anyone who visit them by clicking on the links listed in this article.

Music the great mood enhancer

Have you lately experienced low energy levels or mood swings that pulls you down? If yes, then it is big time to seek a way to combat it. Our ancestors or ancient human beings created music for that very same reason - to escape boredom and sadness.

Music has been used for centuries for various occasions, festivals, fares and even weddings to signify change. It is primarily used to signal people about some important event. Especially drums have been used to gain the instant attention of crowds (when there were no advanced headphones that blocked our hearing). Remember that these were used much before electronic drums or digital drums were even starting to come in our thoughts.


Here I present to you different types of music from the traditional drummer, that can help you change your moods. These music have been created through thousands of years and so have stood the test of time.

In this particular article we discuss about two kinds of ancient music from North America and Japan. Thankfully at least a few of their kinds are still around and alive.

Allow yourself to change your negative thoughts and heal your mind with the help of music and let no sadness bother you anymore.

Dance to a new music
Dance to a new music | Source

Native American music

We start of with Native American music or chants that have an earthy appeal. I find this kind of ancient easy drum music full of power and intensity to shift my concentration to a peaceful level.

The use of drums are very predominant in this music. It adds a war or ceremony theme that sometimes sends a chill down your spine.

Native American music itself comes in several types. Here I have links from youtube to some of their amazing music. Some of them are remixed beautifully for some added effect.

Drum | Source

Apache war song

Apache song - Tatanka

Japanese Taiko drumming

Taiko is the traditional Japanese drumming music that has been very close to their culture.

I found Taiko to be very energetic and physical. It prompts the listener want to stand up and dance immediately.

Again mostly drums are the prime instrument used here. The war theme also resonates in this music form.

I will write in detail about drums in my future posts. since I need more research on drums.

Kodo - "O-Daiko" - HD (japanese drummers - Taiko - tambours géants Japon)

Japanese Drum Group 'Tao'

Change in mood

Did you see any change in your mood after listening to your favorite music?

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Listen to intense music
Listen to intense music | Source

Music therapy

Several articles in the internet indicate that music indeed has a power to improve health and mind. The links to them are given below.




Specialists in the video below mention very clearly that music therapy program can decrease our stress levels.

Experts suggest music therapy program to improve stress levels


All the expert opinions only prove that music has a significant role in changing our moods. Once we get into the positive groove, we start feeling better and more happy than before we listened to the music.

Since this topic is extremely important for you and me, I have decided to write more articles on the same line.

So wear your best headphones and click the video links to enjoy the historical music of American Indians and the Japanese.


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    • nikhilsukumar profile image

      Nikhil Sukumaran 2 years ago from Bangalore

      Thank you card lady 2,

      I shall add Gamelan from Indonesia in a new post about similar kind of music.

      This music seem to evoke a totally different feeling.:)

      It feels like we are in the forest or a rock surface maybe because of the powerful earthy vibes.

      Thank you for giving the link.

    • card lady 2 profile image

      Pat 2 years ago from Midwest, USA

      Good choice of music examples here. I would add Gamelan from Indonesia. Here is a link to a YouTube video: