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How to become Confident by Being Yourself

Updated on June 22, 2016

By moving the attention to your own interests, and not what interests others, you start to become personally empowered.

Each and every day we are bombarded with trends, tasks and bills; all of which is completely obligatory and not out of our own true interest. Our lifestyle has become the ultimate routine of doing things that we are merely used to, doing things that remain within a certain comfort zone called "normal".
Now because this has been the fact for a while now, we have got so used this life so any other way of living is almost unknown - however, once you start to regain your own authority over yourself, things do start changing.

How to be yourself: Steps

  • DO NOT define yourself according to external influences and external sources.
  • DO find yourself on your own terms, through your own values & remember to question even that.
  • DO NOT try to avoid any personal debates, as if you have a comfort zone, you might be clinging onto an old self, or an old comfort zone.
  • DO try to embrace everything that you thought you might not be like, or never wanted to.
    Acceptance is another step of progression.
  • DO NOT refrain from becoming aware of the destructive parts of you. Brushing off any self destructive behaviour will not allow you to grow into a more concious person.
  • DO accept and allow what you feel, even if there is distortion. This way more clarity will be able to replace it.
  • DO NOT try to dictate your behaviour through what you 'think' is how you should be. Quite often this is an old fixation of previous conditioning.
  • DO be open and honest with everyone, as the more you are, the more you realise the lies you might have been telling yourself.

To be or not to be? Yes - that is the question. To live? Or to simply have a life?


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