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How to begin a path of being- Emotionally Stable

Updated on June 14, 2011

Prior to:

Before/Prior to becoming, "emotionally stable", you as a(n) human being must come to the means of whether you are, or are not emotionally stable.

Being emotionally stable is not something that happens overnight, rather yet something that takes transition within time and personal will. Thus this will determine the progress you as a human being will make in the realm of emotions and life in general. On your path to achieving this state of mind you must come to realize that emotions have a great impact in what you do, how you percieve, how you ponder/think, & life in general. A way to view and/or, "train yourself", if you will, is to start everyday in a positive sense & state of mind. For Example:

  • Look in the mirror & simply give yourself a good statement/comment.
  • Do not cut yourself short of the actions, thoughts, work ethics, & the capabilities of what thus, "you", are able to do and achieve.
  • Carry out your life in a positive state of mind in everything you do, even when times are rough, for reality has it that regardless of how you feel- "Life keeps going.", therefore so must you.
  • There are many more along these lines, but a very, very important one is- Smile! For Happiness is the key.

Smile, Nobody falls in love with a frown.
Smile, Nobody falls in love with a frown. | Source


It has been proven through life & experience, and throughout history if you will that maintaining a(n) emotionally stable point of view will thus provide you with better health, life, state of mind, relationships, managability & control aspects etc.

No-one is perfect and it is completely normal to feel negativity, to have obstacles, to deal with life's ups and downs for that is a given, but the main point if not anything else is believe in yourself, in achieving, succeeding, and surpassing. Do not let emotion & stress run your life, let you as a(n) individual with a strong mentality and a little bit of pride adhere and surpass life's struggles. and make the calls, but not just any calls- "your calls."

Consider this thus a stepping stone to a path of being, "emotionally stable..."


Do you consider yourself, "Emotionally Stable?"

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    • iamsergell profile image

      Lord Sergell of House Stark 6 years ago from Darwin, Australia

      yes! indeed! :D

    • bugarinje profile image

      bugarinje 6 years ago from San Diego, CA

      I appreciate your words & kindness, & exactly you shouldn't let it, "stagnate", you rather keep smiling!:

    • iamsergell profile image

      Lord Sergell of House Stark 6 years ago from Darwin, Australia

      nice hub! well, i guess, im a bit emotionally stable person. haha. lately, i had these problems on my work and it was just too depressing together with mah love life. well, what I did is that i talked to them and it went fine then. i did not let the problem stagnate me, instead i flowed out with life. anyway, nice post. :D ill be happy to follow you bugarinje. :D

      PS: could you follow me too? voted up!