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How to become the best orthopedic surgeon?

Updated on June 5, 2015

The list of orthopedic surgeons in Los Angeles is quite long and they are the ones who are specialized in treating the musculoskeletal system of the human body. An orthopedic surgeon possesses certain traits that distinguish him from other surgeons. They need to know everything related to the musculoskeletal system and they also need to perform surgeries in case of any injuries or damages related to the same and also to improve the functionalities of bones and muscles. Apart from knowledge, they also need to have mental and physical strength. Mere completion of a course, though it takes 14 years, almost to become an orthopedic surgeon is not enough. To become the best orthopedic surgeon here are some of the following traits that he must possess:

List of best Orthopedic surgeons In Los Angeles


Skill and sensitivity

These are two things that a good orthopedic surgeon should possess. Patients would go to the doctor as they think that the doctor knows what is wrong with them. It is the doctor who knows what is wrong medically and it is his duty to make his patients understand as what actually has happened without using medical jargons, in a simple and easy way. Many a times, the doctor would need to share a bad news with them and so he must learn how to be sensitive and show empathy in such cases.


Flexible and Calm

The best orthopedic surgeon should know that the recovery time and speed taken by different patients are different and so he should be flexible. The surgeon might have done a similar orthopedic surgery in Los Angeles before, but the recovery time and the way different patients react to treatments are completely different. The surgeon might be required to choose a different course of action instead of the one that the doctor has planned due to various limitations like cost. A good surgeon should then place himself in the patient’s shoes and offer the patient the best medical treatment based on these needs.

Conducting an orthopedic surgery in Los Angles is quite stressful and many unexpected situations might crop up inside the operation theatre. Hence, it is really important that the surgeon remains calm and is able to find a solution. Patients would also remain comfortable when they see their doctor to be calm and not easily stressed-out.

The skill and dedication of the doctors and surgeons.
The skill and dedication of the doctors and surgeons. | Source


The best orthopedic surgeon needs to be really dedicated to his profession. They are required to work for long hours and they need to be on their feet for most of the times. Doctors often have to work longer and sacrifice their personal times as they are re-called back when there is some kind of emergency in the hospital and the same goes for orthopedic surgeons as well.


Eye and hand coordination skills

This is something really crucial for being the best orthopedic surgeon. Excellent eye and hand coordination skill is a must as the surgery is done with equipments like power saws etc. Having fine motor skills ensures successful surgeries.

Physical strength is also important as they might have to drill through the bones.

These are some of the important points to be taken care. Thanks for reading.

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