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How to build up self-esteem and love yourself

Updated on April 5, 2012

Love Yourself

By loving yourself you can love others. Often when people do not love and respect themselves they put their own feelings last and that is mentally unhealthy because you can start to feel worthless and sometimes those feelings can lead to suicide.

To help prevent that from happening, always put your feelings first when it comes to any situation. Also keep reminding yourself that no one is better than you.

Do little things for yourself such as going out and buying yourself something new. Spend a little quality time to yourself by doing something you like.

Everyday look in the mirror and say to yourself “I am so beautiful inside and out” and if anyone fails to see it, that will be their loss.

Think about all of the things that you have been through in your life and say to yourself “I have made it to where I am today” and also tell yourself that you are the best, that will make you feel more confident about yourself. Try it.


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