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How to burn fat all day long-A few tips for a healthier life!

Updated on February 18, 2013

Gain focus, lose weight!

You eat all the righ foods and do plenty of exercise, so why aren't you losing any of that extra weight? Perhaps you need to think about a daily diet and exercise plan which tells you when you should be eating, drinking and exercising in order to burn fat faster.

Start with a tea!

Try to start the day with a cup of green tea. It wakes you up and gets you ready for your hectic day ahead. You will feel upbeat and active and at the same time your metabolism will be off to a good start, burning up the extra calories.


Morning Workout

After your hot drink, think about an early morning workout. This will help to lift your energy leves and keep you alert all day long. But wait until your body temperature has risen and give yourself time to wake up. The best time to start exercising is half an hour after you open your eyes.

Stock up energy!

The next step is to stock up on carbohydrates and liquids. This will help to give you the energy you need to get moving. Try to eat breakfast an hour after exercising so the carbohydrates will be turned into energy and not be stored as body fat. It's also a good idea to eat plenty of unprocessed carbs such as fruit, yoghurt and rye bread.


Eat little but more often!

As you make your way through the first part of your busy schedule, don't forget that mid-morning energy boost. Eating just three meals a day makes the body store more food as fat. The secret of burning fat lies in eating small amounts at regular intervals throughout the day. Keep away from unhealthy food like ice cream and chocolate, though! A banana or a kiwi fruit at around eleven will give you all the energy you need.


Drink lots of water!

At around noon (and along the whole day), it's vital to drink lots of water. Water will help to take the edge off your appetite as it will fill you up. Experts recommend drinking cold water, as your body will have to use up calories just to warm it up!

Early Lunch

It is always important to eat lunch earlier rather than lather. The later you leave it, the easier it will be to fill up on fast food to satisfy your hunger, what would not be a benefit to your health. Try to plan your lunch menu and choose light carbhydrates and proteins such as tuna or chicken sandwiches accompanied by raw vegetables or fruit. You shouldn't want to eat very much as you have already filled up with water.


A Healthy Snack

Now, by mid afternoon, you will find that your stress levels are on the rise again. That means that you are in need of fuel to keep you going through the rest of the afternoon. A small sweet snack would be the perfect choice. Try dried fruit, a banana or some fruit yoghurt.

A Powerful Exercise

Later in the day when you finish work and your body temperature is at its peak is the best time to do some fast, powerful exercise. At this time, your muscles are more flexible and your reflexes are faster than usualm so make the most of it. Go for a run or even a fast walk. Do whatever you enjoy, as long as it gets you moving and burning fat.


Evening Meal

The next step is the evening meal. It is important to eat an hour or so after your evening workout. This will replace some of the energy you have lost so that you will be able to get up and get going again the next day. If you plan well, this meal can be an important part of your fat-burning day. There are certain foods and spices that will actually help your body to burn up any unwanted calories, such as red peppers, chillies and ginger. These will ake your nervous system work faster and raise your body temperature, which in turn will burn more calories. Don't leave your evening meal too late, though, as you need to give your body time to absorb the food before you sleep.


Relaxing Hours

Then, instead of sitting down in front of the television for those last few hours of your busy day, why not try a few deep breathing relaxation techniques. This will guarantee that your body is calm and ready for that deep sleep that you need to get ready for the next day. If you have trouble getting of to sleep, though, don't panic. There are plenty of healthy, low fat alternatives to help you nod off Why not try a glass of warm skimmed milk, or even a cup of camomile tea? These natural and low-fat drinks will help you to get to sleep.


Rinse and repeat!

So, eat regularly, drink lots of water, keep active, relax and sleep well. You too will be well on the way to a fat-burning routine that will keep you healthy and slim! Good luck!


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