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Steps by step advice for those who want to quit cigarettes smoking

Updated on February 27, 2016

Steps to take when trying to stop smoking

One who has not the will-power to quit smoking may stop few days or even a few weeks but always reinstate his habit.The desire to quit smoking involves both a rational reason,based on facts which are now well documented,and a motivation that leads to a positive action,the actual act of stopping.

There are two schools of thought on the process of stopping,one of the advocates gradual withdrawal,the cutting of smoking in half each day till elimination of the last smoke makes one an abstainer.The other recommend the sudden cut-off.Fo most people gradual withdrawal may fails,since the presence of tobacco and the knoledge that it can be smoked dilutes the resolve to quit.sudden cut off on the other hand may become uncomfortable both physically and emotionally, but has a certain finality that helps.This is an ''either''-or ''situation where one knows whether one is smoking or not smoking.There is no confusion about how much is smoked or wether one has used his quota for the day.

The habit patterns of smoking have become a part of the social and business life of smoker.Most smokers crave a cigarette after each meal.knowing this,special efforts must be made to do something after meals,not previously associated with smoking.student who can not smoke in class do so during their socialising between classes.So also office workers smoke during their coffee breaks.In such cases the desire to associate smoking with this periodic opportunities must be recognised and ones behaviour at these times changed as much as possible.

It is easier to stop smoking when the whole living pattern to which one is accustomed can be changed.the most commom of these is vacation.With the timing of events different from the routine of office or shop,the signal for another smoker is met less often.Hospitalization for treatment of an illness or for surgery,even though not pleasant in many cases,is another such opportunity.This chance provide a change of pace and habit and several days of forced abstinence on

Smoking also causes mouth odours


Smoking is a gregarious habit in that usually when person light up,the other smokers follow suit.Even the person who has quit is tempted.A person who quit smoking must make his position known to everybody.This may however cause some good natured joking but it will reduce the offer of smoking materials by friends.It will also establish a social pattern in which the person stopping does not dare smoke and this has a very healthy influence.

When a typical smoker quits smoking he begins to experience a certain pattern of experiences.The first day is not bad because his enthusiasms to quit is still high,but the next few days or weeks are uncomfortable.The discomfort is partly due to the pain of breaking a habit,and part is due to the elimination of the chemicals absorbed from tobacco this end of three weeks or a month,the desire to smoke is nearly gone but may return on viewing others smoking or smelling smoke.By this time the senses of taste and smell have improved and appetite also improved with them.Food tastes so much better than great care must be taken not to over eat.By now smoking habit has only been weakened and not broken,in that one cigarette or one cigar can return the backslide to the ranks of confirmed smokers.Experiences have shown that backsliders smoke as much or more than they did before trying to quit.

There are two circumstances in which physician's may be consulted first,medical supervision is necessary during first few weeks of abstinence so that troublesome reactions would be less likely.

The second circumstances is the case where ''the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak'',that is,the resolve is made but the willpower to carry through is lacking.

In this kind of situation,the physician can be prescribe drugs that can help

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Steps to take for you to stop smoking

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