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How to charge your emotional and spiritual battery?

Updated on August 23, 2013

What is your emotional and spiritual battery?

What is a battery? A battery is an item or object that you use to keep electronics, cars, and even our hearts operational. It can also help keep you alive, for example a pacemaker for your heart needs batteries to run, oxygen tanks, heating pads etc... Yes, there are some that require electrical cords but I would say I don't think we would want to run around carrying a cord to plug in the wall in order to have energy or to function. A battery allows you to have movement without being attached to something external, like your computer for instances, before we had computers that required cords, plugs, surge protectors, etc... now laptops have a charger cord but it basically runs on lithium batteries.

The emotional and spiritual battery is your heart, what are you plugging your heart into to charge it up each day? Do you watch the news so much that your heart hurts for all the negative things that you see and hear? Never mind that the news for a whole 2 hours in the morning repeats the same stories over and over again until you remember what you have heard for the rest of your day. Did you know that the information that you receive within the first 1 hour that you wake up in the morning can make your day positive or negative depending on how it affects your feelings? Wouldn't it be better to listen to, read, or meditate or something positive for that first 1 hour once you wake up to continually have a great and wonderful day? It sure would. That's why books such as "The Secret", Law of Attraction, Power of Intention etc... always state to think about 10 things you are so grateful for the moment you arise to start your day. Also think about things that you feel make you happy, that gives you a pep in your step before you have your coffee.

Why is this so important? Think of all the things that are going wrong in the world. Do you know if everyone thought of the beautiful blessings they received even through hurt and pain the mess that we see everyday on TV would be very very little in comparison to all the beautiful things you would see and experience. Yes, of course there will be times where negative things happen, but think about this If you are happy and content all the other things would not mean anything to you. That happiness will transfer to others, then we will give more, share more, and the world can heal from this pain.

How do you keep your battery charged? That is so simple you will actually understand once it is explained. You must charge other peoples batteries. That's it. That's how you keep your battery charged. I don't mean give them all you have or buy them something, this is a free connection, no fee involved. How do you charge other peoples batteries or hearts? Do something kind, such as say a kind word, listen to their pain and give them something beautiful to reflect upon. What's in it for me you ask, it charges your battery because what you are saying to them will bounce off them back to you, you hear the beautiful words that you are saying to them and you feel good about what you said to them. That person goes on with their day, you receive an email saying "Thank you so much I really needed to hear that." then your battery gets a jolt and you are charged to keep going.

How can you start today? You can start by first charging yourself every day when you arise to give thanks or to be grateful for the blessings you have. There are so many things even when you feel you don't have anything to be grateful for. The first thing is that today is a new day, it's a new beginning, yesterday has been forgiven and has been accomplished whether good or bad it is done now today is a new day and I am grateful that I can start again today this day on a better note. Today, is the day that I am breathing, I am singing, I am laughing I am thankful. Today, I will laugh more, I will smile more, I will hug and love more. The best thing to charge your battery with is something that makes you laugh so hard that you cry, I love kittens and puppies but the best thing about kittens and puppies they do the cutest things. I love watching YouTube videos about cute kittens and puppies doing crazy things and I just bust out laughing. My husband when he feels down the first thing he does is watch that Geico Camel say "It's Hump Day!!! Yeah!" I hear him laugh his heart out.

That brings me to this point keep your battery charged throughout your day. When you start your day charged in the positive which will keep you going that doesn't mean that your battery can't lose its charge. That's why charging others batteries is so important but that still doesn't mean that the negative experiences or situations won't steal that positive charge from your battery. When you feel that that negative charge has zapped your positive energy quickly recharge by telling a joke, thinking about that time you laughed so hard you peed in your pants, think about the person you love the most, the funniest moment in your life, start adding positive charges to your heart. Sometimes you need that jolt of positive experiences to keep your battery charged. It is vital for your life, your battery or heart is the most precious organ in your body it is the filter of your soul. Your heart takes a beating everyday when you experience or see bad things happening, even more so when you have experienced them yourself. The heart cannot always be replaced literally but it can be repaired. The heart is delicate in ways where when its damaged it can take a long time to heal as long as there is negative things around sometimes the healing will never happen. However, the heart can be healed by positive reinforcement that is when you add positive loving thoughts, actions, ideas, etc... to your life your heart can get a jolt and start to work its way back to health but its up to you.

Here is my jolt for you today: " I love you, even though I don't know you I love you. You were created with such a beautiful mind, body, and spirit. No matter how you feel about yourself today I want you to know that you are no stranger to me you are my brother and my sister, my mother and my father, my friend and my confidant. You are a vision of creation and inspiration. You can do and be anything you want too. You are my positive ion that I am adding to my battery this day forth. You are an idea in the mind of many you hold the key to someones life today. You have said something to someone today that helped them to see that life is worth living. You have made an effort in helping someone in need just by giving them attention. You have made the world a better place by throwing that cup in the trash. You are a valuable asset to the company because you have helped a customer. Everything you do every time you breathe you have added something wonderful to life. You are a wonderful and magnificent creation. Your ideas have this world rotating in a positive way. You are the start of a new creation You are the electricity that charges your life and everyone that meets you feels emotionally ready and charged to bring on beautiful things this day. You are the gift that keeps on giving. You are love, life, and the pursuit of happiness, Keep being you!

Stay safe, stay strong, stay loving,


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