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Two Activities to Make You Look Younger

Updated on December 21, 2017
Nathan Ruhiiga profile image

Nathan works with the International Rescue Committee - Uganda Program, as Economic Recovery and Development Program Assistant.

It's Not Rocket Science

Although I can't say that I have discovered the elixir of life, I have definitely rewound the proverbial biological clock, at least judging from the many comments end expressions of surprise from individuals who get to interact with me and happen to discover my age. I have achieved this feat by deviating from the standard three meal a day convention that is recommended by doctors and nutritionists. Calorie Restriction, is the technical term given to the practice of eating fewer meals in a day.

According to the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR), "Caloric restriction is an experimental tool that utilizes under-nutrition without malnutrition. In other words, caloric restriction means lowering typical calorie consumption by 30 to 40 percent, while maintaining all the necessary nutrients and vitamins to support life".

Skip a Meal


The Role of Caloric Restriction in Aging

According to researchers, caloric restriction seems to slow down some of the destructive processes that take place in cells and tissues as they age. Scientists suspect that caloric restriction seems to reduce damage from chemical metabolic processes, particularly oxidative and glycation damage, thought to be leading causes of cell aging and death. On a larger scale, scientists think that caloric restriction slows the effects of aging on the nervous system, the reproductive organs, and the production of hormones in some animals. It has also exhibited the ability to delay the onset of certain age-related cancers (Read more).

Although calorie restriction experiments have always been conducted on animals, In my case however, we could say that I have assumed the role of a kind of "human guinea pig". I have tested and proved that calorie restriction has had a significant positive effect on my general feeling of wellness and vitality. More specifically, I have observed a reduction in inflammation symptoms that had been presenting due to sinuses and allergic conjunctivitis, not to mention that my weight has been managed in the process.

I have discovered an age-reversing secret in eating fewer meals in a day. Some times I only eat supper. But on a regular, I eat a light break fast, skip lunch and go on to eat a fuller dinner. This practice has accorded me with great amounts of energy day in day out. Ever since I begun eating less, while exercising regularly, I have notice three positive effects:

  • I look younger
  • I feel stronger
  • I sleep better

I strongly believe that anyone can rehabilitate their health, as long as they are willing to take baby steps. Like anything else in life, quick fixes should not be expected. Every thing is a process that needs to be exerted consciously and consistently in order to realize progress.

My health wasn't very good growing up. I had a bout of fever every now and then. I also suffered from sinuses and allergic conjunctivitis. My skin was riddled with acne. I would sneeze all day and my eyes were red as a vampire. I speak the truth when I say that ever since I begun eating less, I haven't become super man, but I have since a total disappearance of most of my symptoms. I haven't suffered so much as a headache in a long time. My pot-belly self-corrected without me having to engage in rigorous abs exercises. My eyes, though not as white as snow, have gone from red to cream-white. I sleep like a baby every night. I walk long distances without getting exhausted. I have not suffered from cough or any chest-related complication in like forever.

The Role of Exercise

I always try to avoid living a sedentary life. I am pleased to say that for the last ten years, I have come to develop exercising as a habit. The amazing effects of calorie restriction that I have mentioned, I believe, have been complemented by the regular exercise (good-old plain jogging on the street) that has been part of my life on a weekly basis. On average, I manage 2-3 runs a week.

I often come across friends of mine who are over-weight, and out of concern for their health, I always chip in the advice "you need to lose some weight!". However, I am always surprised by the many excuses that they give for not being able to exercise. The most lame excuse, in my opinion, has always been for them to mention that they first need to find and join a good gym.

The value of exercise

Woman jogging
Woman jogging | Source

Do not procrastinate!

I do not subscribe to the school of thought that in order to lose weight, one needs to find a good gym with fancy equipment. If any one is serious about weight loss, he/she will just get on with some comfortable canvas shoes, a vest or T-shirt or any loose outfit and.....hit the road. It is that simple.


I have found that eating fewer meals and engaging in regular exercise (jogging) have gone a long way in improving my overall health. I am inspired to continue on my health journey and see where the winds will blow me. I recommend exercise for every one. As for calorie restriction, I know this is not for every one. But if you feel inspired to try it, you can first talk it over with your doctor and begin by reducing on the serving size of your meals, the gradually work towards eliminating lunch or supper (which ever you like). You will thank me later.

© 2017 Nathan Ruhiiga


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    • Nathan Ruhiiga profile imageAUTHOR

      Nathan Ruhiiga 

      22 months ago from Kampala - Uganda

      Thanks Sudha for your kind words.

    • sudhathakur profile image

      Sudha Thakur 

      22 months ago from Isle of Man

      What a wonderful piece of writing Nathan! You are an inspiration :)


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