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How to conceive a boy?

Updated on December 24, 2015

Are you trying to conceive a boy? There are a number of methods you can use that may help your chances. All these methods might not be able to be used by all prospective parents. Some methods are less effective than others and also are a little more complicated. Here, I am going to give you five effective and proven ways to conceive a boy baby naturally. These are very effective as well as simple and any couple can understand and follow them.

1. The right time to make love

The timing of your lovemaking is the first and most important step in conceiving a boy. If you want to conceive a boy naturally, you will have to know the exact date and time of your ovulation. Ovulation is the process of the female releasing her egg. In order to conceive a boy, you will have to make love close to the time of ovulation. The recommended time is no more than 12 hours before the time of ovulation. If you make love more than 24 hours before the ovulation, there will be more chance of conceiving a baby girl.

You can track your time of ovulation in many ways. The recommended method is to use ovulation kits available in stores. These kits will tell you when you are going to ovulate. You can also use online period tables that can also help you to determine the day when you will ovulate. However, if you cannot arrange to purchase or obtain kits, there are also other ways like basal body temperature to predict the time of your ovulation.

Use ovulation kits
Use ovulation kits

2. Change your diet plan

Diet also plays an important role in the gender selection of baby. In order to conceive a boy, you will have to be selective in your diet at least a minimum of two months before your plan to conceive. Food that produces alkaline effects in the body is best for conceiving a boy. Male germ cells prefer and like the alkaline environment of the body. Use food containing a lot of potassium. Use red meat and other foods that will try to change your body chemistry into slightly alkaline rather than acidic.

When germ cells travel in the reproductive passage, they encounter either acidic or alkaline PH. If the reproductive environment is acidic, it could kill them. If it is alkaline, they can pass easily and safely. Female germ cells are stronger and better able to survive in this environment. In order to protect germs from this dangerous environment, you will have to change the PH of your inner fluids. For this purpose, you can eat foods that can change the PH to alkaline. Alkaline PH helps male germ cells move quickly and easily. In this way, your chances to conceive a male child will be increased to a great extent.

Some alkaline foods:

Pine apple
Ginseng tea

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3. Climax helps

The third method to help conceive a boy is to ensure that you both achieve a climax when you make love. A climax changes the chemistry of inner fluid and changes it slightly from acidic to alkaline. At the time of climax, the body releases a fluid in the reproductive passage that is alkaline in nature. This change helps the male germ cells to move easily and reach the egg helping the chances you will conceive a male baby.

The other impact of achieving a climax is that it initiates inner contractions for the female. These contractions help in moving germ cells, placing the germs closer to the uterus. Similarly like the waves of the sea, these contractions can take germ cells with them to the upper part of body toward the uterus. When they are near it, male germs will meet with the egg by moving quickly and reaching it first.

4. Take a suitable position

There are a number of love positions that may help in conceiving a baby boy. They include those love positions that ensure deep penetration. If the penetration is deep, germs will be placed near the uterus and they will have to travel less distance to reach the egg. In this way, the male germs have the advantage over female germ cells as they will move faster, reaching the egg first in order to fertilize it. Once the egg is fertilized with male germ, it means you have conceived a boy.

Actually male germ cells are fast, but fragile and die soon after ejaculation and during traveling. While female germ cells are comparatively slow but strong and can live longer and resist the difficulty of the long journey to the egg. So to give the male germs less distance to travel, you should choose such a position that helps pour germs as close to the womb as possible. “Doggy style” is the best position in this regard. However, you can adopt other positions that you feel may be better for this purpose. You should also stay in a lying position after making love so that the germs can travel better in the horizontal body. If you stand, they will feel it hard to move upward and your chances to conceive a boy will decrease.

5. Wear boxers or loose clothes

Healthy germs are necessary to conceive a male child. As stated earlier, the male germ is weaker than female germ and cannot resist an unfavorable environment effectively. Heat is killer of germ. They like cool temperature. For this purpose, nature has put them outside the body (in the testicles) so they are kept cool. To help keep them cool, you should advise your male partner to wear boxers or loose clothes.

Loose clothes will allow air to pass over the testicles and keep them cool. Cool germ cells move faster. Because male germ cells can move faster than female germ cells, your chances to conceive a boy will increase since the male germ will get to the egg first. On the other hand, if germ is in warm environment, male germ may not be able to survive. Female germ cells are strong and will be able to resist this unfavorable environment and will move easily to let you conceive a girl baby. So try to keep your male partner's germs cool. Taking a bath before making love can also help to lower the temperature. You can also adopt any other easy method to attain this purpose.

Summary of five steps:

Make love as close to your ovulation as possible

  • Use alkaline food.

  • Try to achieve climax.

  • Take suitable love position.

  • Wear airy and loose clothes.


Although these methods are not scientifically proven and some experts say that they are just old wives’ tales, there is no fear in practicing them. They will not have any bad effects. On the other hand, some claim that they have had a high success rate when using these methods. However, if you want surety, if you have less time left and want to conceive a boy baby, then you can go for high tech methods to conceive a gender of your choice. These methods include IVF, PGD and Ericsson Method. They are very costly, but you will surely be able to conceive a boy.

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