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How to control your mind easily

Updated on April 18, 2010

Mind control is a matter of habit

          Well,many have complained me that they could not control their emotions,anger,appetite,smoking,sexual feelings,drinking and what not.Well,one of my friend had even told me that he is often feeling jealous about others and he was desperate to get rid of that feeling. Likewise we come across many good people who want to control some thing or other when their mind comes into focus.

           Why are we not in full control of our mind.Is it so powerful ?.Is it uncontrollable ?. Well,  it is very powerful than we all think and it is one of the miracles God has created.To know and understand about this miracle we should first learn how it functions.We all know that our mind is divided into the outer mind and the inner mind.The outer mind does all that which we can have control like speaking,writing,running etc..The inner mind is out of our reach superficially.But it could also be controlled by the act of suggestions.

           Our inner mind is always receptive from the outer mind regarding feelings,words or thoughts.The language of the inner mind is strong feelings and strong words.It easily understands this type of communication than anything else.So if we want to communicate with the inner mind, which is the source of all our strenghs and weaknesses we should communicate in a manner which it understands or recognises.

           For example, one of my friend called Sam,wanted to get releived of drinking for which he was an addict right from his teenage days.He used to booze more than his breath.He was having a wonderful family and because of his drinking lifestyle he was thrown out of his family with regret after failing to  recover him from this habit.He lost his job  and he was almost in the street.One day I met him in a restaurant and heard his sad story and I offered to help him provided he listens to me.He readily agreed and I told him to meet the next day so that he would be more eager to get a solution if he waits for another day.Because there is a saying that "Anthing got free and soon,loses its credibility".

           Next day as I expected he was the first one to call me and asked me where he could meet me.I told him to come to my office in an hour and I was still more suprised to see him an hour earlier.He was so desperate for solution and I came to know that he had a loving daughter for whom he was so fond of and his family has told him that unless he changes himself he will never meet his daughter in future.Here we should see the "Power of Love" as a source of strenght for this poor man.He was determined to join his family just for his lovable daughter.

          He said that he dosen't have anything to offer  but as a mark of friendship he was expecting me to do some favour which he would not forget in his lifetime.I said , "Sam,I did not call you to take some money from you and do something for you,which anyone can do,but I wanted you to rejoin with your family and lead a normal life and I dont loose anything except to provide some knowlege which I have to be of some use to you. 

         I told him how to meditate first.It was a frustrating experience for him in the begining.I told him to come to my office at 10 A.M. every day and asked him to meditate for just 10 minutes intially and gradually I asked him to increase period to 20 minutes and then upto one hour.Then after a few days I started his pranayama lessons, which is a type of breathing exercise.This started to give him the needed peace and his mind slowly started to settle down.He was now feeling the briskness in his mind and all his frustrations slowly began to fade away.I had told him that you can drink when you feel to drink during the course, but dont drink when you have the feeling that you dont need a drink now.   

         I wanted to test his improvement as days went by.And after three weeks I asked him for the first time how does he feel now towards drinking.He said,'Although I have reduced my drinking quantity,he said he wanted to get rid of it totally'. Then I told to continue with the pranayama and meditation and I told him to start giving sugestions to his inner mind to get rid of this habit permanently.I told him to repeat the words, 

"I am getting better day by day by avoiding drinking ",

"I am getting rid of drinking permanently" 

"I am a new man now and I am undergoing  a new life " 

     I told him to repeat these suggestions as often as he could.And after a few months, I got a call from him.He had a joyful voice and to my suprise he handed his phone to his daughter and then to his wife.They thanked me for giving back their faith in life.I was happy that I had saved a lost man and got his family back to him and also a good father to his daughter.

    So,our mind can be trained to whatever we would like it to perform.We should guide it properly,with proper words and feelings and a set of plan.Project your feelings strongly to your inner mind and you would be suprised to see the results from this "Miracle of God". 


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