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How to Create an Exercise Schedule to Lose Weight

Updated on November 18, 2013

Before the summer, after the winter holidays, before and after any big event : a lot of reasons push us to start a new diet. And good eating habits always have to come with enough exercise everyday. But who never had a motivation or organization issue when trying to exercise to lose weight? Here are 4 tips to a healthy and accessible exercise schedule you can start today, not tomorrow!

1. What can you do everyday to lose weight?

Keep it simple! Don't spend too much time working out, no more than 30 minutes a day is enough, plus a 10 minutes routine. Decide to do your routine at a time you're sure you will be free : during a lunch break at work, after waking up or before you go to bed, just find the best moment for you. Wear a simple clean outfit that feels comfortable but will allow you to do any type of movement and won't bother you at all. Exercise in the same place every day, a room empty from kids or husbands and away from any temptation (computer, television...). Put on your favorite music and get started!

Top 5 songs to motivate you

1. Scissor sister - I don't feel like dancing

2. Van Halen - Jump

3. Venus - Bananarama

4. Skip the use - Cup of coffee

5. Michael Franti & Spearhead - Say hey (I love you)


2. Creating an everyday routine

When working on your workout schedule, try to do a 10 minutes targeted routine everyday (start with 5 or 8 minutes at first if you're not used to working out). Figure out what can – or in your opinion, should – be improved, and pick two different little exercises on this particular region. You can also find ways to do those small exercise differently ; climb the stairs on your tiptoes to have slender legs, slightly stick in your belly all the time, ... Think about the harmony of your silhouette instead of focusing on just one point. You'll feel more rewarded by a general improvement of your body than by a flatter stomach that doesn't match your thicker thigh.

Find sport activities that meet your needs

Great for...
Bad for...
Women looking for a relaxing activity that doesn't require too much sweating
Women having a hard time focusing on an activity that requires silence and flexibility.
Women trying to improve their body safely, for women with back problem or who just had a baby.
Women not motivated enough or who don't like to do specific workouts.
Women trying to work on their cardio, and who need a goal (like a race) for motivation.
Women who are not ready to commit to a regular exercise programm.
Women who want to move and dance and have fun with friends, for example
Women who are not yet confident with their body - you need to move a lot in a zumba class!

3. Staying motivated

Keep it fun! In addition to the small workout, you need to move as much as you can during the day. Take any excuse to burn calories! Try to walk or cycle instead of taking the car every time you want to do shopping, you'll save money on gas as well. You can also find an activity that you enjoy, such as walking your dogs in the woods or taking your bike to a park, but don't hesitate to try something new and change your routine (yoga or zumba with a friend, training for a race with your other half, ice skating with your kids in the winter...). You need to look forward to your workout, otherwise your good resolutions won't last for long.

Zumba fitness workout

4. Be proud of your body

Don't let beauty standards and the stereotyped version of the perfect woman as shown in the medias get to you. If you have curves, don't try to look like Kate Moss : embrace your feminine body. You just need to enhance your qualities and minimize your flaws.

Take time to motivate yourself, and focus on your successes rather than on your « failures ». Don't weight yourself or inspect your body in the mirror too often, you'll just demoralize yourself as it can take some time to reach your target weight. Draw inspiration from your family and friends and ask them to describe what they see: we often have a fake image of what we look like, and our loved ones can sometimes help us see more clearly.


The main point of your exercise schedule is to work on a healthier living, and to feel good about your body. Do it for you, but don't lose track of reality : you just need to emphasise your natural beauty, not to look like a Victoria's Secret model. Respect your exercise schedule but leave place for the unexpected. But even if life sometimes gets in the way of your resolutions, you will always make time to work out if you find fun activities that you enjoy. Good luck!

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