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How to create spiritual health for your body and mind

Updated on July 3, 2013

A lot of people in this world know about what it takes to live and start a healthy lifestyle of course because that is what is being talked a lot about these days. For example it's important to eat enough of fruits and vegetables each and everyday in order to prevent from getting cancer, heart disease and other types of illnesses that exist as well as the importance of drinking lot's of water and milk to promote healthy bones and muscles is also addressed and about why doing exercise is good for your weight control.

But something that is not talked about a lot is the health of our mind and how we think one of the first things to know is that what we think is what actually causes are actions, emotional and spiritual health another thing to know is that our mind is very powerful and it can either be our positive friend or our worst enemy. If you let your mind control you it can make you suffer, have pain, and difficulty in yourself and into your life whereas when it is a positive friend it can bring you many benefits in helping you have well being for yourself in every level.

Recognizing and knowing your mind

One thing to notice is that our mind can make us think about certain types of worries, any doubts that we as human beings can have, fears and above all anxieties, pessimistic self talk plus other stupid things that can be floating around in your mind. Another thing that your mind can also do is that it can constantly bother you about not being good enough or not healthy enough it can also judge you about making wrong decisions. If you are a proper mother to your children? or if you are a caring and loving wife/husband to your partner? are you taking enough care for your health in general? The mind can also lead us to think about how we look our appearance it can be be something as "My face has too many wrinkles", or "How did my butt get so big all of a sudden". Now after you have read this does it sound familiar to you? we can all come up with a list of thoughts that we think about from being negative, annoying, to being tyrannical the reason why they are called tyrannical thoughts is because they are what control your life.

So the question now is what kind of life can you live as a person if your mind bothers you a lot with worries and doubts?

The answer is that true health is not possible when a person decides to live with a tyrannical mind but obviously in real life some people do actually live with a mind like that they can consume all the nutritious fruits and vegetables and all of the other proper foods to be healthy but if they believe in every thought that their mind tells them then they are truly not healthy. The mind and body connection is really recognized scientifically that is being said that if your mind is making a lot of stress, anxiety, or insecurity of some sort that makes you think that you somehow are not good enough with the way you look, or that something is not right with you, as well as with problems that you have no control over. So as you can see a mental turbulence can have an impact on you physically and well being.

But the part is that some people are slaves of their mind meaning that they are controlled by their own thoughts, beliefs, mental patterns, emotions but the good part is that with awareness and effort you can be able to free yourself from the bad things going on in your head and go towards true health and well-being.

How to break away from the thoughts and beliefs in your mind that get you trapped

Apparently the positive news is that there are some steps that you as a person can follow in order to have control of your mind and heal yourself.

First step- Pay close attention to the thoughts that you think

In order for you to separate yourself from the thoughts and beliefs about yourself, your body, and your life you must check what thoughts you are thinking about everyday. Normally everyone has thoughts, messages that can walk in our minds if you do not control them they can somehow dictate your life but once you begin to have some ruling over those thoughts they wont have as much effect in your life. There is nothing big and important than the changes that come when you separate yourself from the thoughts that take over you when you learn about meditation so for example the more you do meditation the more you will be aware of the thoughts that come to your mind the reason that meditation helps with your mind is because it helps you see that you are somewhat not the thoughts that you think and that the voices in your mind are not what define you as a individual that is one of the greatest things about meditation.

The second step in the process-

Realize that the thoughts inside your mind are not true

When you start to pay attention about the thoughts and when you see that you are letting them control you that is when you notice it. What you can do is tell yourself that they are not real they are just simply messages learned at some point in your life you should just ignore them they do not concern you so you should just not let them bother you by controlling your life.

The third step in the process-

This final step is about the refusal part to refuse the voices that go about in your mind make a decision to not believe in them when you do that you begin to see that they are untrue you should not listen to them otherwise they should be ignored. Somehow it is like music that is playing in the background you can just go about with your chores and your daily life living and not pay attention to the negative thoughts and beliefs that may come to your mind. When you do this every day those thoughts will disappear over time so one thing to remember is that if you pay attention to the negative thoughts and beliefs from the past you create illness but when you free yourself from those negative voices and past beliefs you go towards true well being for yourself.


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I agree, Sometimes thoughts can really take control. I have experienced this. Thank you for a positive approach to end the problem...