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How to create your alter ego

Updated on August 20, 2012

Everyone has that alter ego they think about. The one who is tough, brave, mean, handsome, and doesn't take crap from anyone. You may not have realized it, but we've all had one. Remember that time So-and-So said something awful to you and you wanted to tell them off right then and there and punch em in the face but you didn't? Then remember that night you went home and played that over and over in your head only with you should've done with the outcome in your favor? Remember that invisible friend you had that loved everything you loved but did and said what ever they wanted? Those are rhetorical questions. I am merely just trying to bring your alter ego to life!


  1. First, let us just give them their gender and basic personality. Most people choose their alter ego to have the same gender as them because they can better relate and it's easier to talk to them that way. BUT if you feel you can easier relate to a woman then go right ahead and make them a girl. Same goes for you ladies, if you feel you can relate more to a man or find them easier to talk to then go for it! Your alter ego should be the total opposite of you. Your tastes should remain the same but as far as personality goes, opposite! Like my alter ego is a tough guy. He lives a carefree lifestyle in a slum neighborhood of Brooklyn and smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. He does and says whatever he pleases which usually leads him into street fights (that he always wins of course). Hope that helps a little.
  2. You have to give your alter a look. Their look should be a part of their personality. Mine has longish, jet black hair that he slicks back into a similar style as James Dean (Google him). He is 5'9" and 160 pounds of complete ripped muscle. His arms and whole torso are covered in tattoos he's gotten through the years (some jailhouse tattoos as well). He is dashingly handsome and always has five o'clock shadow. He carries a switchblade knife in the pocket of his jeans, a silver Zippo lighter with the words "Shot Through the Heart" on it, and a .38 special tucked into the front of his pants. He always wears shirts with the sleeves cut off and a ring on each of his fingers excluding the thumbs. I talked to a girl who had an alter ego once on Y!A. Her alter self was a tall, curvy female who wore long dresses and had long (to her knees) hair that a hint of purple in it.
  3. Now that you have a personality and look, time to give him/her a name! Give your alter ego whatever name you want. It should be something creative. The kind of name then when you tell people (if you do) they go "Dang, that's a cool name". My alter egos name is Pike Arlington. It was the first name that popped into my head. The girl I mentioned earlier, her alter ego was named Skylar Valentine. Pretty cool, eh?


Basically, you want your alter to look how you want to look, talk how you want to talk, and act how you want to act (paraphrased from Fight Club). After you've done some thinking about that, just give him/her a name and your set. Just read that last paragraph and GO!

Now that you have someone who is the exact opposite of you hanging around, you now have someone to look for advice from. When you need to vent, just took to your alter self. See what they have to say. I read about a woman whose alter ego was so helpful, she made her first daughter's middle name the first name of her alter ego. Once you actually become your alter ego or don't need them anymore and you are truly happy, send them packing. It'll be tough, but they'll understand. You can still always use their advice. When in a tough situation just ask yourself "What Would _____ Do". Pike helped me, but I no longer needed his services so he moved back to Brooklyn. I still wonder what he's getting himself into these days.

These are just the steps I used to create Pike. If you don't like these hints, try looking at another article. I based this article off many I read.

Thanks for reading and good luck!


Give your character a backround: childhood, schooling, jobs, etc.


If your alter ego is like mine (a complete degenerate) you DO NOT want to become exactly like them. Just learn from them in some aspects.


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    • profile image

      Hung Thinh Vo 2 years ago

      I'm really timid, fearful, pessimistic, suspicious, sometimes or mainly unresponsive, doesn't trust anyone, fearful of anyone that might use my secrets against me. And who can I look up to now since I'm emotionally, physically, mentally going nowhere? Any advice on when the time is right for me to have an alter ego that is the opposite of who I am and can do what I cannot? Thanks, I'd appreciate it.

    • profile image

      STFU 5 years ago