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How to create your first Crystal Altar for Protection and Abundance

Updated on September 14, 2014
All rights of the images on this article are reserved by the author
All rights of the images on this article are reserved by the author

Empowerment and Creativity

If you love to empower yourself or shift the energy within you and aside create abundance and prosperity in your life, this is the right hub to learn how to.

Certainly, if you reached this hub,you are ready to learn and manifest the positive energy in your life.

In the following hub I am willing to help you understand and create an simple energetic place (altar) to attract abundance and prosperity in every single part of your life .

What is an Altar?

Certainly there are many ways to express your creativity and use your imagination on your start creating an altar.

An altar should be a place of your own inner expression and practical intuition.

It's the space between you and your holiness,your own spiritual laboratory in your house.

Each elements has a special energy that connects with you (the creator) and also re-connects you with your Inner Light and Universe.

The use of specific crystals increases the energetic field, creates a protective circle and release a healing energy.

Pyramid quartz attracts positive energy and heals,but also energizes the third eye.

Types of Altars

There are many types of altars as long as each person manifests his own spiritual practice upon his life.

On this hub I am sharing with you a simple and still personal means to start your own quest in the path of Spirit.

Let your Intuition work for you and enjoy this journey along the Light.

The elements to start with a Crystal Altar

*I am deeply connected with the Sea and that is why I use those elements.

However if you love the water streams,mountains, forests,

even your garden could be the place to get stones,

pebbles or other Nature treasures.

How to...

First of all collect all the elements that you'd love to add to your altar.

  1. Clean the crystals using hot water and salt or add the crystals in a glass and cover them with salt.Leave them for 24 hours at least in the salt .
  2. Anoint the candle clockwise with an oil of your choice.Green candles are often used for Abundance,Prosperity and Wealth.
  3. Add any sort of gems or pebbles .I collected many of them from various seashores.
  4. Use a crystal plate or bowl (optional) to add each one of the elements in such a way your intuition mostly desires.

When the altar is complete, it is time to energize it with our own energy and that is happening only if we put our positive intention upon the altar.

The tool that is sufficient to this energizer is meditation and prayer.However someone can also use his own words and thoughts of likeliness.

Light the green (or any other color ) candle.

Ask your Guardian Angel,Spiritual Guides to protect you.A prayer of Love and Good Will is always energetic and promotes only positive vibrations.

Express your Gratitude for all good things that come into your Life.

So simple.

Love and Peace!


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