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How to diminish cellulite with effective treatments

Updated on September 8, 2009

Why many treatments of cellulite are not efficient?

Nowadays the question about how to diminish cellulite by using effective treatment is being considered by about 90 percent of women, and among them there are many who regularly exercise, or are professional athletes. Sadly but true, a major segment of women population is walking about with unwanted dimples. In order to be able to understand the cellulite elimination treatments, first we have to see what cellulite actually is, and how it occurs.

Cellulite is a state of the skin where it appears dimpled on the thighs, lower limbs, butt, stomach, and pelvic area. The causes of the appearance of this aesthetically unpleasant condition are not directly related with the skin itself, but with the fatty tissue deposits immediately underneath the skin. Due to the specific arrangements of the fatty cells on molecular level, It is practically impossible to effectively treat cellulite with heavy physical exercise. If the fat cells become inflexible, their structural weakness will be reflected entirely on the upper layers of the skin. So the question is how to keep the flexibility of the fatty tissue intact as much as possible.

There is a variety of methods designed to confronting this problem. such as, massage, adequate diet, applying different cellulite removal creams, elimination of unhealthy life habits, cigarettes and alcohol. Here is an overview of some of the techniques for cellulite elimination which are often used in the specialized cosmetic centers.

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Massage for cellulite reduction

The anti-cellulite massage and lymphatic drainage are the most frequent ways of approaching the problem of cellulite elimination. Both methods are only auxiliary means to fight this condition, as they would not, by themselves, provide sufficient and satisfactory results. By massaging the affected areas of the skin, we provoke better blood circulation which in turn also improves the metabolic activity and influences the cellulite. This enables more efficient usage of various types of cellulite removal creams. It is very important for the massages to be performed by qualified personnel, with the proper dosages of cellulite lotions. The massages should not be aggressive, so that no bruises are left on the skin.

The lymphatic drainage for cellulite elimination is a specific form of massage, performed by pressing the skin with the ultimate aim of pushing the
bodily fluids towards the lymphatic channels and eliminating them from the body. Women having varicose veins and bad capillaries, women during pregnancy, or during their menstrual period should be very cautious when using these methods.

Cellulite mesotherapy

This system consists of different medicine mixtures and homeopathic remedies which are being directy injected in the affected areas. These drugs are directed at breaking the fatty deposites and eliminating the toxins. Before the treatment of cellulite mesotherapy one would have to make a test by injecting smaller dosage to check the possible allergic reaction. If there is no reaction, the treatment usually lasts for 20 minutes on one side of the body and equally so on the other. The sideeffect of this therapy are visible bruises that vanish after a couple of days.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and cellulite

This technique is conducted with an EMS equipment which sends electrical current to the muscle and fatty tissue provoking muscular contractions. Since cellulite has nothing to do with the muscles, we cannot really talk about diminishing cellulite. The increased blood circulation along with the strengthened muscles only contribute to the better overall shape of the body, and indeed the affected area looks nicer for some confined period of time. Owing to the obvious limited efficiency of this method, it should be combined with either massage, limphatic drainage, aromatherapy, or others.

Electro Body Sculpting

This type of removing cellulite is by its conception quite different than all the others techniques, which means that there is no mechanical muscle contractions, no heating and no chemistry. This is basically a sort of magnetic therapy which stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation and speeds up the processes of reduction. The harmful toxins are being eliminated through urine and respirations. This procedure affects the tonus of the skin and the areas beneath the skin. There is a possibility to treat the whole body, and the only restrictions are for people with varicose veins or women during pregnancy.

Ultrasound as a means for cellulite diminishing

This method has recently gained popularity in spite of some negative review of its applicability when it comes to cellulite reduction. Using the ultrasound aparatus the involved areas of the skin are stimulated, which energises the fat tissue underneat and leads to increased circulation and excretion of the waste products of metabolism. As well as the previous, this method should be used as an additional therapy to massage and EMS.

Natural ingredients to fight cellulite

Essential Fatty Acids are basically among those ingredients that are needed by our body to fight cellulite. You have probably already heard of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids as basic components of a healthy diet. Those essential acids are what our body employs to make the fatty cells be elastic rather than ridged, and our skin polished and magnetic. And not only that, Omega 3 is known to prevent cardiovascular problems, so you should use it anyway. Good dietary sources of this essential fatty acid are salmon, herring, sardines, flax and nuts.

These are some of the several medical and natural procedures, often used in diminishing cellulite. They can be more or less effective, but one should have in mind that some of them are costly, or with side-effects.


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    • Noni juice profile image

      Noni juice 6 years ago

      Hi there,

      thanks for commenting and, in a way, you are right. Using ultrasound for cellulite treatment is a somewhat controversial issue. Check this link: for more detail.

    • nomorecellulite profile image

      nomorecellulite 6 years ago from Carmel, Indiana

      I had never heard of ultrasounds being used to treat cellulite. However, the electro body sculpting sounds wonderful.

    • Noni juice profile image

      Noni juice 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us Cindy! Regular exercises indeed help, but often, additional techniques need to be employed in parallel in order to achieve good results.

    • profile image

      Cindy 6 years ago

      I know regular exercise really helps. Thanks for the informative article.