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How to do a Planche Pushup

Updated on March 30, 2011

Advanced pushups using the Planche position

Planche pushups are not for the beginner. They are something you need to work your way up to over the course of at least weeks if you are in great shape and months if you are in average shape.

Just getting to the Planche position is considering challenging among amateur gymnasts. They will typically use a series of progressions to get to the position. They start with the body tucked and the arms locked and touching the ground at the sides. From there you go to a position where you are supporting your whole body using your arms. Then you've got to move your upper half forward while moving your lower half back, staying balanced. Finally you've got to stretch your legs out straight and remain in balance.

One thing that's important to remember is that your belly button is approximately the center of gravity for your body. Your hands should be at about your belly button when you are supporting yourself.

Given up yet?

As you can see from the videos, these Planche pushups are really hard. You'll need to work on all your different pushups to build up to the strength needed to pull off multiple planches. On the plus side, once you learn how to do them, you can impress anyone at a party. If you're careful, you can start doing them on wide railings as well, which looks even more impressive. This exercise will work your wrists, shoulders, chest, back, glutes and even your legs.


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    st lucia for sale 7 years ago from St Lucia

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