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Why Bad Pushups Work

Updated on April 28, 2017

Bad pushups give you information.

First, I want you to understand that doing pushups is a great way to build back, chest and arm strength and stamina. Various forms of pushups, over time, have become popular for targeting specific muscle groups. With this being said, obviously the conventional pushup does not complete all the tasks needed to develop muscle strength and stamina in full as a callisthenic.

The reason that doing bad pushups is acceptable; is because it allows you to determine exactly where most of your upper body strength exist. Knowing the area that your muscles engage the most when the muscle is chambering; allows you to feel and identify the areas which are not being fully engaged.

So if you sag your back in the middle when doing pushups, it's because your abs and back have to different load carrying capacities, and are under-developed in their relation to one another. As you perform your daily routine of pushups, if that is something you do, then continue doing your pushups in whatever fashion is comfortable for you. We all know how a pushup is to be done generally, and if you are not at that place at this moment, it's ok because muscle conditioning is developed over time and as you do them, you will get better.

Whatever speed you perform your pushups at, continue at that speed. Moderate speed is best for pushups. If it's hard for you to push up, then that's good too. Your muscles are being stimulated and they're being broken down and torn to create leaner strands of muscle. Fast-paced pushups are good as well. Doing pushups at a faster speed create even more lean muscle.

Whether you do pushups on you knees or on your toes, both of these ways as well are good. While performing pushups on your knees, stress on your abs is relieved and the balance of your core does not need to be fully engaged. Doing pushups on your toes will engage more of your core area of strength which will help you develop muscle stamina in your core, which should be enough to maintain the position through the full extension of the pushup. Both of these ways will build your shoulders, arms, back and abs. Dependent on the volume, even your thighs, hamstrings and glutes will begin to flex and stimulate.

Pushups are a great way to begin and end your workout routine. They alone, by themselves, have the capacity to build the entire body within the dimensional realm of their abilities.

So if you're starting out slow, it's ok. If you're experienced, job well done. Keep going! Fitness is a lifelong experiment of execution. It should be able to be maintained. Being too sore to train is not healthy, because now you can't train. Tell me how that increases your chances of muscular endurance?

What Pushups Do

Pushups increase muscle mass

Pushups increase muscle endurance

Pushups increase testosterone production

Pushups can be isolated to target specific muscle groups

Regardless of the kind of pushup being done, lean muscle is being manufactured. The partial stimulation of congruent muscle groups during pushup execution, cultivates the muscle fibers enough to ensure smooth and balanced transitioning of the muscles being engaged. As the healing process takes place, the result is better posture when doing pushups as time goes on.

Trauma to the muscles, such as demanding the muscle groups to suddenly exceed their capacity can result in the breaking down of the muscle, which does cause weight loss and teaches the body to recycle itself by increasing isotopes in the bloodstream; which changes metabolic rate. If this traumatizing kind of training is not repeated, the failure will result in weight gain, not weight loss. I say this so that those of you who seek out more motivating methods to weight loss will understand. More motivation and more fun does not always mean that it's the best thing to involve yourself with. Traumatizing the body, if maintained, can result in the metabolic DNA being changed in a positive way. So please, take your time, be patient and live a life of fitness not only a few months.

The Truth

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