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Learn How to Do the Splits Fast (Step by Step)

Updated on November 5, 2018
Learn how to do the splits fast by following the 10 steps.
Learn how to do the splits fast by following the 10 steps. | Source

Learn How to Do the Splits Fast in 10 Steps

To complete the splits, you can follow 10 simple guidelines. Read below for the details about warming up, doing the splits, and improving your formation.

At the end of the article, please participate in the poll and leave a comment after watching Sona's video about how to do the splits.

Warm Up (Steps 1 to 3)

1. Wear the Right Clothing

Do you want to learn how to do the splits fast without tearing your favorite pants?

First, make sure you wear something comfortable so that you can move without any added resistance. Put on some sweatpants or even your underwear would be ideal. Comfort is always an important priority for performing a proper split.

2. Find Space to Do the Splits

Find a nice space on the floor where you can spread your legs across without anything getting in the way. Try the living room in front of the TV. Make sure to move any furniture, toys, or any other obstacles that could interfere.

3. Stretch

This is perhaps the most important step of all of them before doing the splits. If you don’t stretch everything (including EVERYTHING from your neck, back, torso, arms, legs, to pinkie toes) then you could seriously injure yourself or pull something.

Flexibility isn’t possible without stretching, so remember to do it every day before you try any exercise – especially when training your body to do this. Remember to stretch properly using appropriate stretching techniques.

Stretching is always important before and after doing the splits.
Stretching is always important before and after doing the splits. | Source

Do the Splits (Steps 4 to 8)

4. Sit Down on the Floor

In the free space you’ve reserved, sit with your legs apart spread across the floor. Right now, an L-shape will do.

5. Move Your Legs Outward

Slowly move your legs out more than the 90-degree L-shape if you can.

Remember it is not a race. The only competition that you have is with yourself so take it easy. Do it very slowly and not beyond your body’s capability. You don’t want to pull anything so be extremely careful and don't rush yourself.

6. Maintain Proper Posture

The entire time you are doing this you must remember to sit up straight. Don’t arch your back. Hold your shoulders back to maintain proper form.

7. Position Your Hands Correctly

Where do you put your hands?

Extend your arms and place both of your hands on the floor directly ahead of you. Again, do it slowly and smoothly. Your body should now be positioned somewhat like a tripod with your hands and butt keeping you supported.

8. Rock Your Hips Slowly

Maintaining the same form (from step 7 above) you want to begin rocking your hips gradually. No bouncing. Remember, don't force anything that you aren't comfortable with. Feel what your body is telling you and stop if you feel any unusual pain or strain.

Now, you should be rocking forward and back to your full posture position and forward again. This is one of the key elements for improving your 90-degree L-shape more towards the approximate 180-degree goal.

Become more flexible by repeating the steps every day.
Become more flexible by repeating the steps every day. | Source

Improve Your Form (Steps 9 to 10)

9. Angle Your Feet

To improve the split further, you can angle your feet so that your pinky toes point towards the floor. By doing this, you should feel the stretch progress along your inner thigh and the rotation in your hips.

Well done. If you have made it this far, then you are well on your way to doing the splits young grasshopper!

10. Stretch Farther and Be Persistent

Keep moving your hands forward on the floor and spreading your legs farther apart to where it is still comfortable. Work on this every day and don’t rush anything or else you could injure yourself. Always be patient.

Do these movements slowly and consistently on a daily basis. Eventually, you will be successful and you can show your friends how to do the splits without pain as well.

For more tips on doing the splits, check out the YouTube video below. Sona will demonstrate more tips to learn how to do the splits fast and without pain.

Feedback & Comments

Before you go, please participate in our poll below the video.

Leave a quick comment if you have any helpful advice about how to do the splits!

VIDEO: Watch Sona on YouTube and Learn How to Do the Splits Fast

Where do you usually attempt the splits?

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    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 

      5 years ago from Shimla, India

      I was going through some of your posts. You write well. All your posts seem interesting. Looking forward to read more in the future.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      5 years ago from the beautiful south

      Ah; I remember in high school having to learn to do real splits; the ones from grade school cheer leading weren't good enough. We had to do a split and bounce! Split and back up...that would kill me today but I did well back then. Fun to read about! lol


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