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How to do work meditation

Updated on June 23, 2011

Is it really possible to meditate while working?

Most people complain that they don't have time to meditate regularly. People are too busy, they can not give an hour to sit silently in a corner. But do you know you can also meditate while you are working, driving or cooking your food? Meditation is not something you do only with your eyes closed or seating in a corner. You can be in a deep state of meditation with your eyes open and while you are listening or talking to others. Many people think that meditation is difficult, it is something mysterious. But it is not so.

What is meditation?

Don't ask how to meditate? First understand what is meditation, then you will automatically know how to meditate. Meditation is NOT a technique. It is a life style. We are living in the past or future. We are never in the PRESENT MOMENT. And life is happening in THIS moment. This moment you are alive and breathing. But almost all people miss this moment.

Meditation means living in the present moment. Meditation means NOT to drift into the thoughts and imagination. When you live in the psychological time, (means past or future) then it is like a dreamy state. Then you are not AWAKE. Suppose you are remembering a past hurt then you are in a state which is like a dream. That moment is passed, it does not exist but you are living that pain again by paying attention to that memory. Paying attention to past memories or worrying about the future is the cause of all our suffering.

This moment is ALWAYS FRESH, by default. If you don't move into the future or into the past then there is no worry, no tension and no suffering.

Photo by Flickr user: AlicePopkorn
Photo by Flickr user: AlicePopkorn | Source

Why WORK meditation?

Now you understand meditation is living in the present moment and not entertaining past or future thoughts in the mind. This is ALERTNESS. J. Krishnamurti calls it 'awareness'. When you are alert you can see what is going on in your mind. Just look around and you will see people are NOT PRESENT. Nobody is alert and aware. People are walking on the streets but they are NOT on the street, because their mind is wandering. So this simple act of walking is happening in a dreamy state.

Right now you are reading this article, are you aware?

Do you feel your breath? Do you feel the weight of your body? Are you listening the sounds around you? Are you aware about whats going on around you? Are you aware about your mechanical reactions and thoughts while reading this? If not then you are in sleep even though your eyes are open. Now, in this sleepy state you are doing all your work, and living life. Obviously there is no creativity, no joy. Work becomes a routine, a mechanical habit. There is nothing new. Right?

Work meditation simply means to remain in the present moment while you are working. Watch yourself while you are working, when you are walking, driving car, playing with kids, drinking coffee, speaking to your friends or spouse, taking bath, brushing your teeth.

Do everything consciously. And you will feel as if you are waking up from a long dream. You will find the long chain of thoughts and conditioning is breaking. Then there will be no suffering, no panic or fear.

Fear is just your imagination. If you live moment to moment then there is no fear. You fear because you are not alive. If you are alive and alert there is no fear, because fear is only a dream. If you make your work a meditation then chances are you will remain alert whole day. Then life will easily become happy. Because happiness is in the present, it's never in the future. Then your work will have a quality. And you will become more creative.

How long you have to practice this meditation?

There is no limit. It is exciting to watch and observe yourself in all situations. It is great fun. You will simply get addict. First time you will feel the joy of being alive and present. You will feel that you are surrounded by the eternity. You will feel the presence of god or life, whatever you may call. Once you read this article and understand it from the depth of your heart, you are transformed. NOW you can never live in sleepy state. You will watch and feel yourself while drinking water, changing cloths, driving car, laughing and observing your loved one consciously. Then you will know what is love, kindness and compassion.


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    • dafreesan profile image

      dafreesan 6 years ago from India

      Thanks HattieMattieMae :)

    • HattieMattieMae profile image

      HattieMattieMae 6 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

      Yes I agree with you, I have done meditation for the last year, and it is probably the best thing anyone can learn to stay in present moment. I think that is what A.A. groups forget about. They say one day at a time, one moment at a time, but they really never teach people to stay in the present moment or let go of the past of future. It sounds difficult to learn at first, and impossible but when you do it every day, over time you find your self very aware of the present moment. They are doing research studies, and finding it to help people lower their blood pressure, stress, and focus better in school and on their jobs, and even where emotional and spiritual intelligence is concerned it helps leaders, bosses, and employers do a better job in the work environment handling their groups and teams to accomplish more. It is fascinating. I was always a christian too, and heard so many christians saying it was bad and don't do that, but there is nothing bad about it. It basically is what social workers or social pyschologists call self-awareness, social awarenss, and actually helps people. They are even doing studies on it, that people with ADHD are better focused than if they took the meds that they do. It is simply better than taking a med every day, when it helps your cognitive thinking and belief system. :)