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How to drink milk properly

Updated on August 12, 2015

Did you know?

The fact that many people still do not know how to use the formula correctly makes the absorption of nutrients in milk highly reduced or lost completely.

If your family regularly drink milk, you need to find out more about how to drink it to avoid the six mistakes most people do before drinking milk. This will make sure that your milk retains the highest level of nutrient for your health.

Do not Boil milk:

Someone think that they have to boil their milk before drink for sterilization. In fact, dairy products currently on the market have been sterilized, no need to boil it before use.

When using for children or if you prefer to drink hot milk, you can heat the milk from 50 up to 70 degrees C which will sterilize your milk.


Boiling the milk for too long will make metamorphic lactose in milk which can even cause cancer. Milk contains phosphoric acid salt instability, where the long hot, calcium phosphate becomes acidic calcium phosphate. Also, when boiled to 100 degrees C, the sugar in milk starts turning brown and gradually transform into lactic acid, and formic acid, which produces sour milk, and affect milk flavour. As long as you heat the milk until it is boiling and then turn off the heat right away you should be able to keep all the nutrients.

Preservation of milk:

Milk is affected by sunlight, the study confirms that vitamin B1, B2 and vitamin C in milk if exposed to the light environment in a very short time will soon disappear. In order to keep those three nutrients intact that easily breaks down under sunlight. It is highly recommended to store your milk in a cool place.

Milk and Food

When drink milk, do not eat any heavy food, the protein can take up to 1 to 2 hours for to be absorbed. Ideally you should always drink milk with light food, such as starchy foods, bread, cakes, cereal etc.


Milk and Chocolate

Most people think that milk and chocolate are high in protein, thus providing high energy and by eating both at the same time can bring some great benefits. This is not true.
Chocolate and milk in liquid form can create a chemical reaction that will create calcium oxalate. Thus, the nutritional value of calcium has been turned into harmful substances, leading to calcium deficiency, diarrhea, slow-growing children, hair dry, brittle, increasing the urinary tract stones and other diseases.

Take the medication with milk:

Milk contains calcium, iron and other trace elements if taken with milk, as tetracycline will have an interaction that can lead to the formation of stable complexes or insoluble salts.
This not only leads to the loss of the nutrients of milk but also reduce the effectiveness of the drug. Therefore, it is recommended not to drink milk 1-2 hours before and after taking medication.

Frozen milk

Frozen milk after being heated to melt, the taste and nutritional value will be reduced.



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