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Reduce the symptoms of PMS effectively

Updated on January 28, 2015

The causes

The worst thing that can happen to a woman is to deal with all the aggrivating symptoms of PMS and have a husband or boyfriend on her side not being compassionate about it. So this article isn't only written for women but also for men to understand what women go through on a monthly basis.

The 28-day female cycle could be easily compared to a repetetive roller coast ride at Disneyland. The ride takes you up and down, over and over. While most of us actually enjoy roller coaster rides, the ones that we can't stop and go on forever and ever such as those inside a female body quickly become a nuisance and can hinder us from enjoying the day. One day you are fine and full of energy and the next day certain tasks become almost too difficult to manage. The reasons for these fluctuations are the female hormones. These hormone levels fluctuate and symptoms such as moodswings, unhappyness and even depression can surface. Women are often close to tears for no apparent reasons. On a physical level the symptoms might include fatigue, circulatory problems, and weight gain due to water retention. Some women will even notice a difference in the appearance of their skin. Every woman is different though. So while some have little appetite, others crave sweet, salty and greasy food. In addition, women may also be more sensitive to pain. Head and back pain, abdominal cramps and swollen breasts are also relatively common.

Medicinal plants that balance hormones

Chaste Tree

To treat premenstrual syndrome and to reduce or even eliminate the aggrivating symptoms completely nature is offering us a special plant, known as Chasteberry. The shrub-like plant's effectiveness has proven itself to be very effective. It balances the female body physically as well as psychologically. It relieves symptoms such as headaches, irritability, mood swings, water retention, breast tenderness, and contributes to hormonal balance. Since we are all unique individuals though, Chasteberry might not be the miracle solution for everyone. While some will pretty much become symptom-free, others might still somewhat feel certain symptoms. That also has to do with the sensitivity level and the aggressiveness of the symptoms as well, and how well your body is capable of accepting and responding to Chasteberry. The ph balance of the body can also have an influence how well the body responds to nature's treatments. If you want to give Chasteberry a try, you should take it three months in advance before it can become an effective remedy. So, if it doesn't seem to work during your first month, don't give up yet. Keep taking it for a few more months.


Most of us have seen the pretty primrose flowers adding a smile to our gardens in springtime. But the primrose can do much more than just looking pretty. Primrose oil contains gamma linolenic acid which harmonizes the physical and mental well-being before menstruation.

Primrose Softgels are the easiest and most digestable form to take Primrose Oil.

Diet and excercise

Certain lifestyle adjustments can be very effective in reducing the severity of premenstrual symptoms.. Consider eating a balanced diet rich in carbohydrates, including vitamin B6 and calcium. A more ph-balanced diet on a permanent basis will allow your body to get rid of toxins. Less toxins allows the different body systems including hormonal balancing to work more efficiently. Coffee, nicotine and alcoholic beverages should be avoided if possible as they could worsen the symptoms. Even though we might feel bloated drinking plenty of water is important as water is another vehicle in balancing our hormones. Furthermore it helps us flush out toxins. Getting enough sleep and managing stress most effectively will be in your best interest. A relaxing massage, or even a hotstone massage can allow you to relax at a deeper level reducing stress in your lower back, shoulders and neck which are often associated with PMS. Furthermore, if you can motivate yourself to exercising, you will give the lymphatic system additional support as excess fluid can be transported out of tissues more rapidly. Warm seasalt baths or hot water bottles can also ease some symptoms of pain in the abdominal area. Plus the above mentioned herbal products can help you balance your hormones and ease the symptoms.


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