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How to feel good - 7 tips to feeling better instantly

Updated on April 29, 2014
You're on your way to feeling better!
You're on your way to feeling better! | Source

We all know exercising and eating right makes us feel better. But we need to feel better right now, not a few months or years from now. So what are some quick fixes to feeling better? Let me share a few with you...

Bright light

Don't work in the dark. Most people get a surge of energy by working in a brightly lit room or next to a window. If you must work in the dark, then take a 5 minute break to sit next to a bright window, or better yet, go out for a walk and enjoy the warm company of the sun.

Relaxing smells help you feel better by relaxing the mind.
Relaxing smells help you feel better by relaxing the mind.


No, you don't have to go to a spa and pay big bucks to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Get candle with your favorite smell and keep it on your desk. I have found that using one of those flame less candle burners (the ones that look like cup warmers) work better than lighting the candle and the smell is stronger and lasts longer.

Don't choose a candle that smells like food. Stay away from sugar cookie, vanilla cup cake, cake frosting or anything similar to those smells. They will just make you hungry and miserable. You will feel like snacking on unhealthy foods, which can lead to overweight, sluggishness, depression and it's all a downward spiral from there.

I like to choose scents that make me feel at home, at the beach, or jungle. Anything that makes me feel like I'm away from the office. My favorite scents are cotton linen, bamboo, sandalwood and ocean breeze.

Minimize noise

Noise can make you feel stressed without you even noticing it. Try to reduce as much noise as possible. For example, you can use a foam pad to put under the printer, keyboard or other office machines.

There are many other that can't be minimized, such as the incessant chatting of your annoying coworkers. Drown all these noises with headphones and your favorite relaxing music.

Breathing exercises

Stop and smell the roses! Breathing exercises are quick and can deliver a sense of peace and calmness. Begin by taking a deep breath (around 7 seconds), hold it in by 3 to 4 seconds, and then exhale for 11 seconds. The exhale duration needs to be longer than the inhaling. Do this with your eyes closed for better effect.

Do this exercise as many times as you want. For me it usually takes 3 rounds to make me feel all better.

Check your posture

Leaning over a desk can cause headaches, vision problems and pain in the lower jaw or neck. Check your posture at least every hour to see if your stress is being caused by the way you sit or stand.

Remember, stand the way you want to feel and your mind will follow. So even if you're feeling pretty crappy, stand up straight, with your head up high. You will notice how soon you will be feeling exactly as you are standing.

Close your eyes, relax and feel better!
Close your eyes, relax and feel better!

Do nothing

Let your brain take a break. Do nothing. Close your eyes for 5 minutes and picture yourself in your favorite happy place.

Some people confuse do nothing with surfing the internet mindlessly or watching TV. Stop! Do nothing. Close your eyes, take a mental vacation and let your brain imagine what it wants to be doing. Do this every couple of hours to refresh your brain.

Drink a calming beverage

Tea is a wonderful beverage that will make you feel better almost instantly. Stay away from coffee as this will only make you feel agitated. When I feel overwhelmed, my favorite beverage is Passion flower tea. This helps me relax and get my thoughts together. You can try these other beverages to relax

  • Mint tea
  • valeriana tea
  • seven blossoms herbal tea
  • lime blossom tea

We all need a little break every now and then. Try these tips and add more to your own list to have handy when your day is going less than perfect.


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