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How to feel good about yourself? Practical guidance!

Updated on June 21, 2014

‘You yourself, as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection’- Buddha

There are times when you have a very low opinion about yourself. When you face persistent failures you feel that you not worthy of notice. This pessimistic feeling make you depressed and gloomy and you do not see the positive side of life.

Why do you not feel good about yourself?

Do you feel you are destined to fail?

Do you think no one likes you?

These feelings make you feel inferior and less endowed. ‘He has a better car than me; he is more successful than me, his spouse looks beautiful, whereas mine is just about passable’. Do you make these comparisons? Believe me; these negative comparisons can make you feel completely unhappy with your life.

  • Like yourself

If there is one person who should feel good about you is ‘yourself’. Unless you like yourself, no one will like you. You should not think that your failures or problems are there to stay with you. In fact they make you stronger mentally and psychologically.

You have great capacity to overcome your problems. You should not dislike yourself when you are struggling to attain success as it will deter your endeavors. When you distrust your talent and capacity you feel that your life is wretched.

Why is it that most people have a negative opinion about themselves?

It is because in this modern world everything has become mercenary and your success is gauged by the materialistic affluence you display. When you fall short of other people’s success you feel stressed and tensed which completely shatters your peace.

  • Stop comparing

You should stop comparing yourself with others, as you always feel lesser if you do so. Do you think that the person you envy is completely fulfilled and satisfied? Most probably he would be yearning for the success of his more thriving colleague or relative.

It is a vicious cycle, with the human mind craving for more and more. When you get a car, you are not satisfied with what you have got as your mind has already set its target on another bigger car. You do not look at your life, but have your vision focused on the life of others. Your life is yours and not theirs and so live it according to your own way of living.

  • Satisfaction holds the key!

You should be satisfied with what you have got and this satisfaction is the key to your happiness. Satisfaction in your life does not mean complacency. Complacency means reconciliation to your lesser performance, or an excuse for your lack of assertiveness and confidence. But being satisfied is an entirely different feeling. It is the feeling of imbibing your well being and thanking God for your blessings.

  • Do not feel inferior!

Do you envy people with smashing looks and good personality? You feel bad that you are not good looking and your inferiority complex makes you depressed as if looks are the most important thing in the world. You should understand that beauty is superficial and it is your character which always comes to the foray. Everyone has his\her own beauty and loveliness. You should bring out your unique individual attractiveness and if you do so you feel very good about yourself.

  • No scale for success!

Do not keep the scale of your success in tune to that of others. This makes you feel that you are not giving your best and that you cannot be successful. You should aim to be successful, but it should be according to your pace and capacity and not according to the success of others.

  • Feel good to be assertive

You can present yourself to the world as a confident and assertive person only when you think you are good. Do not underestimate yourself under any circumstances and do not let negative thoughts creep into you. Keep your shoulder erect and look confidently into the eyes of everyone you interact with.

  • Give yourself a pep talk

Give yourself a pep talk and be the first to congratulate you when you achieve even the tiniest of success. You should be well groomed to feel confident and you should also be your best friend and admirer. Shall we introduce a new saying! ‘Feeling good begins within your mind and within yourself’. A great way to success!

© 2012 mathira


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    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      Encouraging words, jacksonjojaf.

    • profile image

      jacksonjojaf 5 years ago

      Your article is very unique and very simple language

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      Kelly, you are indeed lucky to have such parents. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • KellyMediaBest profile image

      KellyMediaBest 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      My parents always instilled in me that the most important thing in life is to be a good person and be good to others. I think I have grown into one, although I do find myself becoming jealous of others sometimes. But I have a younger brother who is 9 right now and I am scared of the world he is growing up in. I remind him every chance I get that being a good person and being happy with yourself is paramount.

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      Thank you for your wonderful comments, Ruchira.

    • Ruchira profile image

      Ruchira 5 years ago from United States

      Very motivating hub Mathira.

      Talking to oneself can be very reassuring and can boost one's self confidence.

      voted up as awesome!

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      Thank you, amanthkro1.

    • amanthkr01 profile image

      Aman Thakur 5 years ago from India

      Really very motivational hub. I like your flare of writing. Voted UP!!!!!!!!