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How to gain minimal fat while bulking?

Updated on April 4, 2011

By Dr. Vamshi

This thread is being made because i do not want people to repeat the mistake that i have been making for years and some people have been making for decades.
there are a few simple rules to optimize carbohydrate intake so that max of it goes into making muscle and min of it goes into your dreaded love handle.

a lot of people cut- lose about say 5 kilos of fat and 5 kilos of muscle, then they so called "bulk" and eat all the crap and still gain 5 kilos of muscle and 5 of fat.. net result---- absolutely nothing,, they just keep shuffling between two states of the body for years and years until they finally resort to steroids or quitting.

here are a few rules to follow. If you follow these, you will still gain fat, but if you don't, you will blow out of proportion during your blessed bulking phase.

  • Rule 1- SAVE SOME MONEY and buy those supplements---- you can't gain supplement like nutrients on so called natural food. It would take you a pond of salmon to gain enough fish oil, and one entire cow to get enough creatine,,,and that too with tons of undesired stuff.........There is a reason why every successful athlete uses supplements, they work. And some people will turn up with "they are not natural"......... well, having single digit body fat or deadlifting 1000 lbs isn't natural........ if you want to be supernatural, you have to use some basic supplements........... And they are worth the money,,, you just have to spend wisely,,, example- using a fat burner while bulking is stupider than frying your money in oil.... there are a few supplements which i say are mandatory, the brand and quantity i mention are designed towards being most economically efficient.... these supplements are - creatine, whey(or whey containing mass gainer for economic efficiency), glucose, glutamine, fish oil, caffeine( as coffee) carnitine(optional).
  • Rule 2- Proper post workout crab supplements- the ideal post workout drink would be 15-20 grams whey + 50-60 grams glucose + 5 grams creatine...... if you are using a mass gainer, add as much mass gainer as would contain the above ingredients. Using creatine will optimize muscle gain while on excess carbs, it usually fails to work during cutting when carbs are low.
  • Rule 3- Lower your fat intake and optimize your omega 3: omega 6 ratio....... since you are taking more than adequate calories as carbs, you won't need fats for energy, just to satisfy vital functions.. try using as little oil in your food and try taking as much fish oil as possible.....such that you take at least one fourth of your daily fat in the form of fish oil.
  • Rule 4- Have as many meals as possible.......even a minor period of starvation reduces catecholamines and inhibits peripheral deiodination and thus activation of t3 thyroid hormone,, this will slow down metabloism and make you fat.
  • Rule 5- All carbs except post workout carbs better be complex carbs..... and post workout being glucose only. complex carbs will sustain blood sugars for longer and prevent insulin crash and thus hunger.
  • Rule 6- Avoid all fructose and sucrose... fructose is the greatest enemy you can have,, it has zero capacity to replenish muscle glycogen and deposits as fat when liver glycogen is full.... since sucrose is 50% fructose,, even it must be dumped without mercy,, unfortunately, fruits which are rich in millions of micronutients have fructose,, a bit or 2 of fruit is fine, but no other fructose at all.... all artificial sweeteners have high fructose corn syrups and should go down the bin or else they will find a place in your tingling ab a rule of thumb, add no sugar to any food you eat,,,,,,,, if you are dying to drink sweet tea,, add glucose instead of simple sugar.........avoid everything which is not made at home and which is not a supplement......which includes fizz drinks, fruit juices, candy, biscuits , cereal and the innumerable stuff you get in bakeries,,,,,,,,, everything goes out.
  • Rule 7- Avoid trans fat,,,, anything cooked out of artificially hydrogenated oil will have trans fat,,,,,,,,, this trans fat cannot be metabolized by our enzymes and hence accumulates in the blood vessels,,,,,,again avoid anything not made at home with either fully saturated fat or palm oil.... when using other unsaturated fat like olive oil, don't use it to cook,,, the heating can generate trans fatty acids,,, just sprinkle it over your food.
  • Rule 8- Lessen total protein intake...... carbs build muscle, not protein,,,, you don't need tons of protein,, they will achieve nothing except damaging your Gut or accumulating as fat.. a total of 2-2.2 grams per kilo of bodyweight is all what you will ever need.. maybe a little more during cutting........... if your protein is giving yo smelly farts,,,,, it is not being digested and is spoiling digestion of other stuff and raising stress, doing more harm than a rule of thumb, if any quantity of protein gives you ultra offensive farts,, it is time to lessen protein.
  • Rule 9- No milk,,,,, 75% of the world's adults are lactose intolerant,,,,,, it will just cause loose motions and excess farting which will itself not be digested and will stop digestion of other stuff,,,,,,,, just no milk at can take curds where the lactose has been converted to lactic acid,,,, or whey,, which is isolated milk protein without lactose.
  • Rule 10- avoid gluten containing foods. gluten causes food sensitivities, celiac disease in the worst cases but subclinical sensitivity in some people......... try avoiding wheat, barley, rye, legumes for a span of time,,,,,it may do wonders, it may not do anything, but give it a try...... rice, potatoes, sweet potaoes and glucose are gluten free and can be had safely.
  • Rule 11- stop all carbs at least 2 hours before sleeping,,,, metabolic rate is very low during sleeping,, any blood sugars will just become fat..
  • Rule 12- take 3-5 grams glutamine before sleeping,, increases sleep induced growth hormone, multiple benefits.
  • Rule 13- do some cardio, it won't hurt much. if you are doing steady state cardio. do it the first thing in the morning after taking some BCAA and carnitine.. just about a 45-60 min walk. If you are doing interval cardio, do it in the evening after some caffeine.

these are just some rules. any other rules which might pop up during discussion will be added. Hhappy bulking, may your bulking be as fat free as possible.



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    • profile image

      Pete 2 years ago

      I dont agree with the rule to not eat carbs before bed or 2 hours before. This is a proven myth. Also milk is fine if you are taking lactose free like i do. Also to your points everyone is different but in general these are my two cents. Thanks.

    • cassidy247 profile image

      Chris Cassidy 5 years ago

      Great read suryahubbie! I love reading other peoples takes on excersize and nutrition and you have some interesting facts and points here, nice hub.

    • suryahubbie profile image

      suryahubbie 6 years ago from Pune, India

      Thank You ash

      If you like it, please share it as much as you can. Your contribution can bring some $$ into this dead hub :(

    • profile image

      Ash 6 years ago

      Wow, you must be one if the very few people I have come across that take into the factor more than simply eat loads of protein, carbs and fats. Very good read!


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