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How to get Motivated in the Morning

Updated on January 16, 2016

Does it feel like the hardest task to wake up even a minute earlier in the morning than you already have to? Trust me. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Hitting that snooze button gives you a feeling like no other. But you’ve told yourself time and time again that you ARE going to the gym at 6 AM with NO EXCUSES. Haven’t we all. But there is hope! When you think about it, most gyms are PACKED at 6 AM...and I mean PACKED. I’ve had to circle the parking lot multiple times to find a spot and was almost late for my muscle pump class. So if all of these morning dwellers can do it, WHY CAN’T YOU?!

I have always been an afternoon kinda girl. Not a morning person, not really a night person either. It was always a struggle to get up for work super early, and super early meant like 9 AM (how sad haha). On weekends it was a miracle to see my face before noon. But I have successfully become one of them! It wasn’t easy at first but I now look back thinking, how did I EVER sleep that late? I am happier, I get more done, and i’ll never go back to my old ways. I’m here to help you do the same. Here are some ways to get you up and motivated to workout in the morning.

Physically Getting Out of Bed

You’ll first want to set up before you go to bed. Make sure to fall asleep with your curtains open. The daylight will let your body know that it is time to wake up. It is known that the darker it is in your bedroom, the more likely you are to sleep later. One thing that really works for me is setting my alarm about 30 minutes before I actually plan on waking up. Let’s say for example that I want to make a 6 AM class. I’ll plan on waking up at about 5:30 AM but i’ll set my alarm to 5 AM. Why? BECAUSE THEN I CAN STILL HIT SNOOZE! Only once but that’s still something! I feel like when I hit snooze, that extra 30 minutes of sleep just feels so sweet and I can STILL wake up on time! After setting it, put it all the way across the room. That way, you’re forced to get up to turn it off.

Once your alarm is set and your and your curtains are wide open, swap out your normal pajamas for freshly washed gym clothes. If you fall asleep in your gym clothes, you take out one step in the process and make it that much easier to get ready. If you’d rather not because your pajamas are too damn comfy, I recommend having your entire gym outfit, including shoes, right by the side of the bed. Even if you do sleep in your gym clothes, how nice will it be to wake up and have everything you need for the gym all right by the foot of the bed? Easy access makes for a stress free morning. Now that you are bundled up in bed, you’re probably checking on your various social media profiles. Tell your friends about your plans for the gym or even invite someone to join you. If you let others know, you feel accountable if you don’t end up going. You’d be surprised how big of a motivator this actually is. Plus, you can update your followers on how good you did once you get back! Now, fall into a deep, restful sleep.

When you Wake up Hating Life

You're asleep and you're dreaming of ways to spend your Powerball winnings. Private plane? New Car? Island? You keep it simple and choose a new Mercedes. The salesman takes you credit card, swipes it, and the register rings, and rings, and rings, and rings until you realize it is just your alarm. Taking you back to your mediocre life of someone that did not in fact win the Powerball. It’s gym time, you’ve already hit the snooze button, and you’re filling your mind up with every excuse in the book. (I’ll start first thing tomorrow maybe?) Instead of excuses, remind yourself of all the benefits you’ll get out of it. Besides getting a good workout there are a bunch of other benefits to waking up early. I recently read a very interesting article about a couple of CEOs of huge companies and how early they wake up. They cite their early mornings as a big key to their success. Find the article HERE. Remember: MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. If you wake up thinking about the good things instead of the bad, you will be dying to go instead of dying to wake up. My favorite thing about waking up early nowadays is how much more time I have to get things done. If you’ve ever felt like there are just not enough hours in the day, there definitely are trust me!

Go ahead and just jump out of bed. The same way you rip off a band-aid just rip off our blanket. It might be cold but you can take it! Chug a tall glass of cold water too. When you drink cold water, it gets your metabolism going and ready for breakfast. After you’ve walked around and shaken out a bit you should be slowly waking up. Crank up some music! Make sure it’s upbeat and motivating. My song of choice is usually Eye of the Tiger for obvious reasons. If you are still having trouble, hop in the shower for 10 seconds to speed up the process. Get dressed and make yourself a quick and hearty breakfast. You want to make sure you’ve eaten well before working out. If you eat too much you will burn the calories from what you just ate and be back to square one. If you eat too little you can get tired easily and run out of energy. Have a small but protein packed breakfast that will hold you over until you can eat something more filling afterwards. Now get out the door you’ll be late if you don’t hurry!

Remember: Again, MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. If you think it will be daunting, it will be, but if you think it will be exhilarating, then it WILL BE.

BE CONSISTENT: Everyone dreams of going every single day at the exact same time and getting it perfect. If you can, FANTASTIC! but if not, don’t beat yourself up. Just get back up and go the next day. Give yourself a break, we’re not perfect!


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