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How to get a Peaceful Mind

Updated on March 4, 2014
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This Tiwari has seen lot of experiences in his life and had lots of illusions. Now when he is disillusioned he is a happy man.

A Peaceful mind is Heaven

You might well agree with the above quotation that I selected for the inception of this Hub. All human achievements and activities require the attention of the concerned man and only a peaceful man can give his best concentration on the implementation of the task being considered. Indeed one knows what more pleasing and satisfactory feeling a man can have than peace of mind.

I have, after years of experience, found out that our life's final aim is to be Happy. Our all efforts and aspirations are directed to soothe our desires and when desires are fulfilled one gets mirth and satisfaction.

There is wonderful quote in Latin which I recently found out which is "Mens sana in corpore sano" which means that "A sound mind in a healthy body" and it would have easily conveyed to you the value of Health.

Not only health but there are many more things which are vital to maintain a calm and peaceful mind. In this Hub I have described the simple and natural ways, which when applied in appropriate manners, eliminate the need of consulting any costly consultant in the field and hence saving the money.

Meditatation in Solitude

Yoga and Meditation are effective techniques to attain peace of Mind.
Yoga and Meditation are effective techniques to attain peace of Mind. | Source

Are you Healthy ?

Though It might appear to you a trite question but I have asked it since it is of prime importance. If you do not have this resource then all the other method I have outlined below are going to be of little assistance.

I have seen, that when a person gets ill, all the time he is concerned about his illness.Though the continuous thoughts of illness may be avoided but when it comes to pain that arises out of that sickness the negative thoughts are hard to shun. Of course! the positive people do not face such problem but I will tell you that if you have positive attitude in your life than you will automatically have peace of mind. Do not worry if your not we have some solutions outlined in the next paragraph.

There are certain things that can be done, even in this stages to attain the peace of mind. One good way is to watch movies-- if you love to do so. The other way is to read. And there are many more which can be done while you are in Bed. Your aim must be to avoid continuous thinking about your strife-- since at that time most of the people become weak and vulnerable-- and hence negative thoughts become more frequent and powerful. Involvement keeps you busy and jostling and hence keeps negative thoughts stay away.


What makes you loose your peace of mind ?

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Peaceful Mind: Some Quick Steps

I have, as I always do, described below few points that will help readers in attaining peace of mind. Most of the methods described below are self-evident but some are more intricate deserving more attention. I have explained them in forthcoming sections.

  1. Be conscientious regarding health. A good health is a good way to ensure a strong mind which is inevitable for peace of mind.
  2. Learn to accept and abide by your duties. When you do so, there is a inner exuberance running which keeps negative thoughts away.
  3. Practice Silence. The silence is on two levels. The first being 'keeping your mouth shut' and the second being mental silence. I have detailed both of them further.
  4. Practice, before going to sleep or at any time, imagination. What you have to do is to watch and visualize whatever comes to your mind but not think or add any modifications from your side. I have detailed it later on to prevent brevity of this section.
  5. Do not think too much. This is perhaps the most detrimental trait to the peace of your mind. There are ways to curb this habit. I have described in subsequent sections.
  6. Learn to share your feelings with your inmates. When you do so you find that finally you have found out a channel to stream your stifling feelings.But remember do this with only the ones who really care for you.
  7. The other good thing is to write whatever comes in your mind. You find that after scripting every violent thought that disturbed you now you are much calm and composed than before.
  8. Control your anger. What happens sometimes that you react violently and then regret deeply. This regret and feeling of guilt disturbs your mind most. The feeling of guilt can be overcome by reading this hub.
  9. Learn to value the friends. This happens most of the time that you break your relationship on some matter and then you find that inside you, your ego and emotions for that friend are fighting against each other. Your ego stops you to break the impasse and emotions instigate you to talk to that wonderful friend of yours.
  10. Do not worry about the things which you cannot cope with. Most of the people, I have seen, become furious on the topics of politics, attitude of govt. employees. See if you have the habit of worrying too much then think innocently, what good or justice can be done to a particular issue by just thinking. If you have caliber go and set the things right and if you cannot, then leave the issue to the concerned authority. Instead, pay more attention to your own aim and aspirations.
  11. Learn to support yourself. If you do so then it means that you are continuously making your conscience strong which leads to a peaceful mind. A good way is to justify your actions. And if you have done something wrong then instead of regretting you better say that regretting is never an option but you will take a lesson and shall not repeat it in future.
  12. Pursue your interests. Your interests, you would have noticed, completely absorb you in themselves. And whensoever, you do a task with devotion, it results in deep satisfaction and happiness.

Peaceful Nature

Nature has perpetual silence in herself. Even 1%  inclusion of it in ourselves may work wonder.                                                                    -- Pt. Shree Ram Acharya Sharma.
Nature has perpetual silence in herself. Even 1% inclusion of it in ourselves may work wonder. -- Pt. Shree Ram Acharya Sharma. | Source

Five ingredients to generate Peace

Serial No.
Leads to calm and peaceful mind
Keeps mind focused and hence calm
Hard Work
Keeps you involved
A Sound sleep
Keeps you fresh and invigorating
Keep heavy thoughts away

A calm Lake

A calm mind can well be compared to a calm lake.
A calm mind can well be compared to a calm lake. | Source

Practice Silence

Most of the people recommend you mediation and other activities such as yoga to induce peace and of course they are very helpful. I beseech that you go and find them on Google. I have not described them because they are already done so and my description will only increase the redundancy which I do not want.

Silence of mouth is necessary due to many reasons described below.

  • Silence is a virtue.
  • It eliminates the possibility of the troubles that result due to talkative nature.
  • Silence prevents your energy.
  • Silence adds to your credulity.
  • Silence is basic necessity for a calm mind.
  • Silence leads you think before act.

Silence of mouth can be well mastered by will power. I was too a talkative guy and what I did to control it was to think every time before I spake, "Is it really necessary to flush out what I want to ? Would it be useful for the person to whom I am going to tell the stuff I have in my mind ?" I found that most of the things were completely absurd that I talked every time and hence I was able to cope with this problem.

The real benefits of the silence can be reaped only when one knows practicing mental silence.Since if a person cannot be calmed from inside then he is sure to eject through his mouth. It is, therefore, compulsory that one remains silent in his mind as well as by his mouth. What one has to do in it is that one has to reserve one or two hours(in a week: A good and easy way to start) and then he has to ascertain that within prescribed hours no thought can come and disturbed the serenity of the conscience. There should be no movement and hustling in conscience like a still water in a lake. It may seem very hard but it can be accomplished by determination. More interested readers can explore here.

Cutting Down Excess Thinking

If you can do it then you have scored considerably in attaining the peace of your mind. I will clear your concept of it. See when or why does the peace of mind gets disturbed ? Of course! It is due to the unwanted thoughts which hover in our mind. So it means that excess thinking is the habit which excites fusillade of thoughts that continue to haunt your mind and disturb you.

I will tell you that the reason that they disturb you very much is no one except your unintentional support and the lack of your will power to overcome them. Our mind is like chip. It works as we program it. The way we think is like programming our mind. And when one crosses a certain threshold then our mind becomes automatically what we had tried to make it. This is the reason negative people continue to attract negative thoughts and the positive people positive.

So to cut down the excess thinking you need to involve in the works you like most. And then pay all your attention and effort to perform as best as you can. At first it will be very hard for you but soon you will see that indeed it works and the world has become more better than it was. When the thoughts disturb you most then listen a song or watch something to keep yourself in the real world.

When you remain idle and do not want to think then watch the things that are in front of you(Of course! there are some exceptions as beautiful girls/ smart boys else they will misinterpret your humble intentions). When you watch something carefully, the thoughts of your mind cannot find much resource to disturb the peace of your mind. In short the summary is that you learn to keep yourself occupied. .

A Video guide on peace of mind

Practicing Imagination

This is another way to get a peace of mind. By this method we increase our concentration which results in greater focus on the work we are doing and when the work gets finished then a deep satisfaction arises.

It also helps in getting a sound sleep after which you become more calm and composed to complete your task with more diligence.

What you have to do is to lie on your bed and close your eyes. After that you watch carefully whatever comes in your mind-- like you watch a movie-- but do not add your own views. Remember, you have to watch like a spectator and not like a director hence I repeat do not add your own views to modify what ever is going on in your mind.

Some precautions and recommendations are as follows:-

  • Do not get dizzy else you will sleep-- although you will feel very refreshed after you wake -- but more better results arise when you remain alert and vivacious while watching.
  • If you find that no more any thing is visible to you then you open your eyes and then close it again.

You will feel the solitude and unnerving nature of conscience that is inside you.

Nature: A great source of peace

Couples strolling on the beach.
Couples strolling on the beach. | Source


Finally, I have described methods which I consider necessary if one has to attain a peace of their mind. Although it`s again on the readers that how well they manage and apply to get benefited.

I would be happy to resolve some genuine problems of the readers if they think that they are not satisfied by the hub. I urge them to ask their questions frankly. I also urge my readers to notify me of any mistake which they found out, so that we can make it more useful for future readers.

I wish a peaceful mind to all my readers.


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