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How To Get Relief From Constipation Naturally With Home Remedies

Updated on March 23, 2016

Prominent reasons of constipation

Constipation can be due to various reasons which may not be included in the below mentioned list. There are some prominent reasons which cause constipation are mentioned:

(a) Irregular diet consisting of spicy and oily food.

(b) Less intake of fluid and water

(c) Less physical activity

(d) Metabolic and muscular problem can also cause constipation. Persons suffering from hyperthyroidism and diabetes milletus are likely to suffer from constipation also.

(e) An individual’s psychology also puts an impact of the chances of constipation.

(f) Sleeping just after having meal is also one of the main reasons of constipation.

(g) Hypertension, over-anxiety and anger can also cause constipation.

(h) Hormonal disorder also causes constipation.

(i) High level of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy can also cause constipation among pregnant ladies.

There are many symptoms of constipation. As is said, constipation is caused by variety of reasons so is the symptoms. There are chances that constipation is accompanied by other diseases also. Below are t he symptoms of constipation, which may be helpful for you in identification of the disease.

Symptoms of Constipation:

(a) Irregular bowel movement- It is one of the most common occurrences during constipation. Irregularity in discharging waste (fecal matter) out of the body becomes difficult due to indigestion.

(b) Foul breadth, headache and insomnia is also common for persons suffering from constipation. Due to non-discharge of fecal matter out of the body foul breadth with headache and insomnia is a major problem.

(c) One of the major symptoms of constipation is the constant feeling of abdominal discomfort (a feeling of heaviness in stomach) accompanied with pain and muscle cramps. Nausea, vomiting and fatigue also comes with constipation.

(d) Pain in lower legs and loss of appetite are also some of the symptoms of constipation.

(e) In some case fever, palpitation and drowsiness can also be seen.

Fruits are rich in fibers and roughage, helps in digestion
Fruits are rich in fibers and roughage, helps in digestion

Some of the best natural home remedies to avoid and get rid of constipation

(a) Lemon juice- The most easy and natural remedy to keep constipation away is a glass of lemon juice. Drink a glass of mild warm water mixed with lemon juice empty stomach to clear your system effectively. Drinking a glass of water empty stomach helps in the reflexes of peristalsis which makes easy for bowel movement.

(b) Bail fruit- Fruits are rich in fiber content and are one of the best anti constipation agent. Except jack fruit and banana, one can have any fruits to take care of constipation. Bail fruit has some added benefits. Make the juice of bail fruit and drink couple of glasses in a day to clear your stomach of unwanted waste. Regular consumption of bail fruit can treat chronic constipation also in some cases. It helps in cleaning and toning of intestines to offer relief from constipation.

(c) Spinach- Spinach contains some of the best organic material which helps in cleaning and regeneration of intestinal tract. Just 50-80 grams of raw spinach with same quantity of water is good to cure constipation.

(d) Water- A glass of water kept in a copper vessel overnight is very beneficial to keep away constipation. Regular intake of water contained in copper vessel is a great remedy to keep a check on constipation.

(e) Linseed- Take a teaspoonful of linseed with water before any meal. It gives sufficient lubrication and roughage to help you in constipation.

(f) Apples- Apples have sufficient insoluble and soluble fiber. The former helps in bowel movement and the latter forms a type of gel in the intestines which in turn helps in easy movement of fecal matter.

(g) Honey- Honey mixed in salads or in other food materials helps in constipation. It activates the bacteria present in the intestine to draw more water and in turn helps in the bowel movement. You can also mix a teaspoon of honey in the glass of mild warm water with lime juice before breakfast (empty stomach)

(h) Raisins- Raisins are natural laxative. A handful of raisins, say about 4-5 grams regular serving is sufficient to keep a check on constipation.

Dates- Dates are very effective in relieving you from constipation. Take two –three dates with milk in the night before going to bed

All the above remedies are of great help when you suffer from constipation. Dear readers, it is always good to take precautions to avoid suffering. In other words, precaution is better than cure. I have some very common tips or suggestions, if followed properly can keep constipation miles away from you.

  • Never go to bed straight after having meal. Walk for about 10 minutes to help in early digestion of your food.
  • Include fruits regularly in your diet, as fruits are high in fiber content and roughage which helps in digestion and cleansing of intestine.
  • Exercise daily for at least 15 minutes. It stimulates metabolism rate to help the body to harness the nutrients of your diet completely and proper digestion.
  • Avoid high fat and oily foods.
  • Stay away from artificial drinks and caffeinated drinks or beverages.
  • Chew your food completely before swallowing to help in complete digestion.
  • Drink sufficient water, about 7-8 ltrs of water to keep the body hydrated.
  • Make a schedule of bowel movement and avoid food at odd times. Follow a proper routine for better health.
  • For pregnant ladies, it is better to opt for natural remedies. Over the counter medicine can cause complications in pregnancy.
  • Drink a glass of water about 15-20 minutes before your meal and do not drink water while having meal. Drink water after 15-20 minutes of finishing your meal. It is better to follow this instruction, this will offer great help in keeping constipation miles away from you.

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    • vishnum969 profile image

      vishnu 3 years ago from india

      Thanx rasta 1 for ur motivating comments

    • rasta1 profile image

      Marvin Parke 3 years ago from Jamaica

      Well researched article. I never have to worry about this problem because I am a vegan.